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Sue Moxley lets us in on the best ways to achieve an enviable smile

Sue Moxley lets us in on the best ways to achieve an enviable smile - Credit: Archant

Upminster-based beauty expert Sue Moxley discovers the best ways to bring out your best smile


Whitening your teeth can be a sustainable way of maintaining a great looking smile, with most treatments lasting up to three years. The base of all whitening products is usually hydrogen peroxide. Teeth whitening is a very effective way of lightening the natural colours of your teeth without removing the tooth surface or damaging it. There are two options to whitening your teeth; you can get treatment from a professional or you can try a home treatment that are now available to buy over the counter. The advantage of professional treatment is it will take an hour or two and will be applied correctly with low risk, but make sure you go to a reputable dentist or a recommended technician, don’t let just anybody treat you. Home teeth whitening kits use much lower strength products so are safe to use yourself, but the disadvantage is that you will probably have to apply twice a week for two to four weeks to get your desired result. Boots Expert Teeth whitening programme (£27.99) passes the safety regulation test while Perfect Smile in Hornchurch has a great reputation for teeth whitening, with prices around £295.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants can be a great method of oral care and if looked after properly, the implants should last a life time. Dental Implants are replacement teeth that are fixed into the jaw bone. The operation for this consists of holes being drilled into the jaw bone where the implants are fitted. There is usually a gap of six months while the gum heals around the implant and then an abutment (structure) will be fitted to hold the false tooth in place. Although the treatment can be time consuming, it only needs doing once. Price is the problem for many people as the surgery and implants can cost many thousands of pounds. Treatment abroad is an option, but aftercare is difficult.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry. It consists of a shell of tooth-coloured composite being placed over the facial surfaces of your teeth. This corrects uneven teeth alignment or spacing, discolouration and worn tooth enamel. Advantages of veneers are that they do not require much preparation, they look very natural if done correctly and can give you an amazing smile. In order to get a veneer you must visit the dentist twice; the first time to prepare the tooth and to match the shade (you will then have temporary teeth fitted). Your second visit would usually be a week to two later to apply the veneer. Although a veneer should last for many years, just like teeth, they can break or chip. The cost of these veneers varies, so you should consult your dentist beforehand to ensure you are aware of the costs. Dr J Basrai,

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whose clinic is in Chafford Hundred near Thurrock, is an expert with veneers. Visit

Dental Aligners

Aligners are a simple method of achieving and maintaining great looking teeth. An aligner is a clear, plastic, flexible mouthguard that fits tightly over the teeth. This treatment consists of a range of different aligners with different pressure levels being applied to the teeth, which work together to gradually push your teeth into place. They must be worn day and night, apart from meal times. After the treatment is complete, patients are given a retainer to wear; this prevents the teeth moving back into their original place. These types of aligners are aesthetically more

pleasing than metal braces, but can be very expensive with an average price of around £1,500.

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