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Mitchell & Peach Body Cream

Mitchell & Peach Body Cream - Credit: Archant

February can be a fairly miserable month but a bit of self care and indulgence can offerjust the pick me up you need.

Fiona Robards, psychologist and author of What Makes You Happy (Exisle, £9.95) points out that, far from being a frivolous cause of guilt, a spot of pampering can boost our sense of emotional and physical wellbeing and taking time out from a busy schedule can leave us more productive afterwards.

“Caring for yourself is not selfish. In fact, it’s only when we refill our own cups that we can give to others. You’ve heard people say that you have to love yourself before you can truly love others? This is what they are talking about. It’s the same reason we’re told on planes to fit our own oxygen mask before helping others: we’re no use to anyone if we’re not breathing ourselves!

“Taking time out for self nurturing need not be costly. Breakfast in bed, enjoying a long walk or having your own spa experience at home are worth considering.”

People’s idea of what pampering is varies. For some (particularly anyone with young children) it could be as simple as 15 minutes uninterrupted in a bath. For others a spa day or weekend break is more likely to fit the bill. Obviously finances and time as well as personal preference are all factors.

“Whatever amount of time a client gives us and whatever treatment they book in for, we do all we can to make them leave feeling pampered,” says Laura Myers, Clarins Spa Manager in Fenwick, Canterbury.

“We have clients rushing in on a lunch break for a half-hour massage or spending a couple of hours here as a pre-planned pamper, but whatever the situation we aim to provide the same high level of service.

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“For the ultimate relaxation my personal favourite has to be our rebalancing massage but I admit that my idea of pampering at home is simply lying under blankets on the sofa with a glass of wine doing nothing!”

Camilla Fone, PR for the luxury Kent-based bath and body range Mitchell And Peach adds: “My husband buys me a course of facials for Christmas and birthdays so my pampering treat is having a relaxing but active facial once a month. It’s not only an excuse to really relax and zone out of my busy life but a chance for my skin to be massaged and nurtured.”

Pampering pointers

Choose wisely

Not all beauty treatments are equal when it comes to pampering. Facials incorporating Microdermabrasion or non surgical facelifts can provide great benefits but if complete indulgence is your aim, consider opting for one with plenty of pampering touches like face and hand massages.

Time it right

Whether you’re having a pedicure or enjoying lunch out with a friend, the pampering element is ruined if you arrive late and flustered or need to rush straight off to do the weekly shop. Book out enough time to do your treat justice, and stick to it.

Don’t feel guilty

Chances are, whatever time you pick there will be umpteen chores or tasks too complete. No one is suggesting ignoring urgent tax returns to swan off for a spa day but accept that it is likely there will always be something you could be doing – however this is time earmarked for you.

Pampering products

Pick products to transform simple beauty routine to something far more luxurious.

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow, £36.50,

The next best thing to a spa body scrub, this award-winning exfoliator is one of the most effective and luxurious around. Mineral-rich salts get the circulation going and smooth away rough skin while Tahitian Monoi Oil seals in moisture, leaving skin feeling silky for days. Use on dry skin for the best effect, then shower away; you won’t need a body moisturiser afterwards.

Cleopatra’s Bath Milk, £39.95,

It doesn’t get much more pampering than lying in a bath infused with skin-softening milk, essential oils and rose petals – other than having someone to clean them out of the bath afterwards!

Parks Massage Candles, £28.50,

These natural wax massage candles are a recent addition to the Parks London range and free from any artificial nasties. Light one while relaxing in the bath then when you’re out and dry, massage in the liquefied, skin-softening wax which is designed to be the perfect body temperature. There are six gorgeous fragrances to choose from with a ‘buy three get one free’ offer at the time of going to press.

English Leaf Body Cream, £36, Mitchell and Peach

Stockists include Annabel’s Emporium, Chislehurst 07714 189674, Lovell & Vie, Sevenoaks 01732 454445 or visit

There’s nothing like applying a really luxurious body product to make you feel pampered and this non-sticky one from Sevenoaks-based Mitchell and Peach has a pretty green floral fragrance and contains honey, organic cocoa and Vitamin B5.


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