Pretty Pastels


- Credit: Archant

This year’s ‘Fashion Weeks’ showed a plethora of pastels. From London to Milan, Emporio Armani to Prabal Gurung - runways around the world were once again exhibiting the traditional tones of spring time.

Luckily the high street and our regional boutiques are hot on their tails with collections appearing at your favourite retailers this month. Subtle and chic, sugary shades breathe new life into your closet after a winter no doubt spent swaddled in heavy knits and flannel. But if dressing top-to-toe in candy colours is just not your bag, you can still dress in the hue du jour this season by injecting a little colour into your ensemble through your accessories. With a huge palette to choose from, spring forward your look with a daffodil-yellow handbag or a mint green chiffon scarf. Pair your accessories with nudes for a delicate and uplifting look that is guaranteed to keep the sun shining in your wardrobe.

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