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Ladies over 40, rejoice! It’s often said that while you can keep your facial skin fresh and plump, your neck will give your age away. Well, no more. I give you: Profhilo!

I have been aware of this treatment for some time. It falls into the area of skin rejuvenation that is being increasingly called 'tweakments' - a tiny plump here, a miniature relax there, all in the name of maintenance, not change. I want to age slowly, not freeze time - or my features. Done by the right hands, tweakments are a way of persuading all and sundry that your genetic code is simply marvellous, with slow-to-age skin just a lucky accident of birth…

Dr Nyla, who has clinics in Alderley Edge, London and Liverpool, is a tweakment queen. She has argued, ever since I have known her, that there's no point filling and freezing the face if the skin doesn't otherwise glow with health. She advocates a more holistic approach, taking advantage of all that technological and cosmeceutical advances can bring us, with injectable treatments being the fine dusting of icing sugar across the top of the cake. But, I said, what about the neck? It's all very well having a youthful face for my age, but if it's perched on a crepey neck, with wrinkles visible to the naked eye, it gives the game away faster than you can say Botox. Profhilo, replied Dr. Nyla, is the answer.

Profhilo is an injectable liquid containing mega-high levels of hyuralonic acid that isn't designed to plump out specific zones, as lip or facial fillers do, instead it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which improve skin tone, hydration and the appearance of fine lines. The result, says the manufacturer, is improved skin quality lasting for up to six months.

Never was I more interested in having someone stick needles in me. I am not known for my resilience in the face of pain, or even potential pain, but for you, dear reader, I would put myself through it…

First, my neck is given a liberal dose of numbing cream. This was as much to reassure me as to quash any actual pain, I think. After a short wait, this is cleaned away and the process begins. I brace myself…and…oh, that's not bad at all! It's not relaxing, trust me. Anything that involves bright lights, a highly trained nurse and a syringe is never going to be relaxing, but it's not horrible, I promise. Nurse Julie carefully chooses six to eight locations across the neck into which she injects tiny amounts of the Profhilo liquid, forming a 'net' across the area. It takes around 15 minutes, then you're sent home, with warnings about no alcohol or hot baths/showers for 24 hours. Quite quickly I looked like I had been attacked by a somewhat inept vampire. It's not pretty ladies, so don't go booking yourself a night out, but by the next morning the small bumps from each needle prick had entirely faded.

I didn't notice any change at first, but changes that creep up on you tend to have that effect. It's now been six weeks since my second treatment and there are definite signs of change. My skin is firmer to the touch, apparent when I apply moisturiser, and selfies taken at unflattering angles are less stomach-churning than they used to be. A sideways glance in a mirror usually has me leaping back in horror, but the last accidental sighting wasn't at all traumatic. It works!

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Profhilo can be used on neck, hands, décolleté - all the places where thin skin ages fastest - and as it taps into your own body's structure and processes, it's merely turning back time (merely!) rather than overlaying current condition.

It certainly gets my vote. | 0800 009 6661

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