Project D - Will Dannii Minogue's new collection win over Yorkshire?

She's wowed audiences on The X Factor, but will Dannii Minogue's fashion line win over Yorkshire?

There was a time when dynamic Aussie diva Dannii Minogue had to make do with her big sister’s hand-me-downs. Granted, her big sister is Kylie and she was handing down gold lame hotpants and sequined mermaid dresses, but hand-me-downs are still hand-me-downs.

But now the tables have turned and the older of the two mini Minogues is now more likely to be found rummaging through her sibling’s wardrobe for something to wear. Preferably something from her own style range Project D.

This much-heralded collaboration between Dannii and designer Tabitha Somerset-Webb, exclusively available in Yorkshire at Harvey Nichols’ Leeds store, is a quietly glamorous ready-to-wear line of luxurious dresses.

According to David Rowley, personal shopping manager at the Briggate store, the new collection is already selling well because it ticks three essential boxes for stylish Yorkshire women: it’s effortlessly glamorous, it’s a little bit rock ‘n’ roll and it offers great value for money.

‘Customers are telling us they love the fit and the finish,’ he explained. ‘The dresses create an hour glass figure, which is bang on trend, and every style has lovely detailing. They flatter a woman’s body beautifully.’Inspired by Dannii’s unique style and Tabitha’s flair for fine design, Project D is a delicious collection of flowing silk daywear, cocktail chic flirtiness and red-carpet-ready, knock-’em-dead dresses.

Light georgette and silk dresses are complimented by oversized patent belts to create a strong yet feminine silhouette. Sparkling details adorn draped dresses to give an instant injection of glamour. And bold, provocative prints are sensuously softened with delicately braided belts.

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It’s a delicately poised balancing act of glamour and edge, reflecting the individual styles of the designers (and best friends) Dannii and Tabitha.

‘Fashion has been a passion of mine since I can remember and I hope that every woman who slips on a Project D dress will feel glamorous yet effortless,’ said Dannii. ‘Our philosophy is to make it easy for women to feel confident with their wardrobe. We do the hard work and get the details on the dresses right, so all they have to do is enjoy them.

‘To me a dress design never comes to life until it’s slipped on. Who knows what adventures the dresses in this collection will get up to.’

Tabitha is an acclaimed designer in her own right, so why did she decide to mix friendship and business?

‘We’ve always dreamed that one day we’d end up working together,’ she said. ‘We have very different styles but essentially we look for similar things – beautiful pieces that make you feel feminine but empowered, amazing quality and attention to detail.’

Accessories and a signature perfume are to follow as soon as Dannii has  finished her biography and latest stint on The X Factor. And then, who knows, maybe she’ll turn her attention to menswear and sort out Simon Cowell’s unfeasibly high-waisted trousers once and for all.

To find out more about Project D (prices range from �210 to �485) and Harvey Nichols, call 0113 204 888, click on  or visit the store in Briggate, Leeds.

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