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Yes you can be party ready with a pamper package from Laserina

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The festive season is upon us and it’s a time we like to look really good. Unfortunately, if you’re anything like me, winter usually means I get enough spare tyres for a four-wheel drive and skin that looks like the sort of stuff on which they wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls.

So, I was more than keen to try out the pre-festive package at Laserina, one of the leading non-surgical cosmetic specialists in the region.The idea was I’d get party-ready with several hours of pampering procedures that would really make a difference to my face and body.

To kick start the session, therapist Irina Gorianova gave me a relaxing Endermologie all-over Lipomassage. A course of these would create noticeable changes in cellulite, move stubborn fat and contour my body.

Irina isn’t the sort to promise miracles that can’t happen and says a single treatment is more of a relaxant. I climb into a bodysuit and the Endermologie machine is moved over my body, the sensation being a bit like a rather vigorous massage. Irina is proud to claim she’s the only person in the region to train in France, the home of the Endermologie machine and after a few minutes I felt a complete trust in her expertise.

Next I’m to get a body wrap, where I am bandaged like a mummy. Now this is a treatment I am promised will produce results. And it is true. A couple of days afterwards I notice that my shape does indeed look smoother and at least one of the spare tyres has shrunken away a bit. The best results will be achieved says Irina if I have two more treatments in the special introductory package.

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Endermologie can also be used for a non-surgical face lift and on my skin free of moisturisers and make-up a roller performs little suction motions on my face. This plumps up the skin and banishes bags and sags and while you’re supposed to have a course for a more noticible effect, even one seems to give me a lift.

After that, there’s another treatment that gives an instant result, Ultrasonic Deep Skin Cleansing, which involves steaming, glycolic peel, extraction and ultrasonic exfoliation, followed by a cooling mask. In just a day my skin looks good but after a week it is even better as the exfoliated top layer begins to produce renewed skin and I am rewarded with a healthy glow, that makes me look like I’ve been on a lovely long hike in the countryside.

The cost for all this pampering starts at �50 for a single facelift and �50 for a single inch loss body wrap, while courses of 10 Endermologie treatments cost �650. Irina also provides vessel removal and rosacea treatment, hair removal and IPL Photo rejuvenation, a non-invasive treatment for sun damage.    Janet Reeder.For more information contact Irina on 0845 833 0667www.laserina.co.uk

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