Business profile - Renné Jewellery, Richmond

From the Renne winter collection

From the Renne winter collection - Credit: gaspphotoco

Renné Jewellery was founded near Richmond five years ago by mother and daughter duo Helen and Annie Rennison.

Mum and daughter team

Mum and daughter team - Credit: Archant

Annie was inspired watching Helen make semi-precious beaded jewellery growing up and enrolled on a silversmithing course in Hatton Garden. Having both further trained with a local jeweller, they built a small workshop on their family farm before setting up shop in Sedbury Stables in 2016. The jewellery is all created by their own hands and uses ethically sourced sterling silver, gold and semi-precious stones to create classic styles. What's different about Renné is that they add to each collection made so you can still buy their first releases now. 'When we design a new piece, we add it rather than bringing out, say, four collections a year,' Annie explains. 'Our collections have always been designed to collect and add to over the years, resulting in a more sustainable process when buying.'

Does Annie have a particular product she thinks is the best Christmas gift? 'Jewellery is the best type of gift to receive - it's sentimental and a constant reminder of the person who gave it to you,' she smiles. 'The Open Oolana Bangle is one of my favourite pieces, our hero product. It's original, wearable and distinctive.'

The bespoke element of independent craft makers ensures opening their gifts on Christmas Day so special. 'We take meticulous pride with our packaging, I personally love something being wrapped beautifully,' says Annie.

Family is clearly the most important part of the festive period for both of them, and community. 'Supporting your local economy is essential for your community's future. By spending your money with independent small businesses, you are helping them to grow into a company that will supply jobs to your area,' says Annie.

WInter collection jewllery

WInter collection jewllery - Credit: gaspphotoco

The Smithy, Sedbury Stables, Gilling West, Richmond DL10 5LQ;

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