Review of Lansdowne Place Spa, Hove

Beautiful skin is easy with an ESPA Skin Brightener facial at Lansdowne Place Spa off Hove seafront

Lansdowne Place Spa is a subterranean treasure. Slip downstairs from the hotel lobby and you find yourself in a softly lit complex of rooms. The decor is rich and luxurious, with jewel-hued walls in shades of amethyst and ruby, Oriental furniture and a decidedly zen-like atmosphere.

I am here to experience the ESPA Skin Brightener facial (�54), perfect for banishing dullness caused by environmental stress, tiredness and all the other things life likes to throw at us. ESPA products are derived from plant extracts and oils, and the brand emphasises its holistic ideology.

Before she starts my treatment, therapist Sam asks a few pertinent questions about my skin and lifestyle. I have been suffering from a rash-like sensitivity on my forehead, which she promises to treat. While I am reclining  on the gently heated bed and enjoying soft music and semi-darkness, she asks me to choose from a couple of options the fragrance that most appeals to me. This will tell her what my skin needs the most.

I select a floral toner which will be incorporated into my treatment. Cotton wool pads soaked with chilled make-up remover are placed over my eyes. Next is a nurturing double-cleansing session. Sam sweeps and massages equally sweet-smelling unguents over my moisture-starved visage.

During the 55 minutes of the facial, seven different products  are layered onto my thirsty skin. Skin polish gently sloughs away dull cells and smoothes over fine lines. It feels pretty great, and I’m totally sold on the comforting hot cloths used to sweep away the product.

My congested, blotchy skin gets a much-needed boost from a generous dose of Skin Radiance Mask, with mullbery, bearberry and liquorice to lift and even skin tone.

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I must admit that at this point I lose track of the order in which the panoply of products are administered, but they include Revitalising Bio-Serum and Replenishing Face Treatment Oil.

My favourite part of the facial is a stimulating pressure point massage that is exhaustive in its attention to detail. While my skin soaks up yet more deliciously fragrant potions, Sam gets to work on a sublime head massage using ESPA’s  Pink Hair and Scalp Mud.

By the time the hour draws to a close I am a cat’s whisker away from unconsciousness. When I try to speak my voice comes out in a hoarse whisper. Stumbling out into the bright sunshine of the Regency seafront I blink away two types of replenishing eye treatment and am on my way.

At home, I am transfixed by my bare, even and dewy new face. Even the rash that has plagued me for over a month has receded in the face of such kind treatment.There is no doubt that I will be back next time my skin needs some TLC. 715381/732839

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