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Soothe Massage At Home

Soothe Massage At Home - Credit: Archant

Kate Houghton tries massage treatment that you can order into your home.

Soothe, the world’s largest and fastest-growing on-demand massage provider, arrived in Manchester in 2017 and when they announced they could send massage therapists not only across the city, but also to Knutsford, Wilmlsow, Hale, Alderley Edge (and all points close) I did a little happy dance and booked myself a 90 minute massage withour further ado.

Massage is NOT a treat, let me make this very, very clear. Massage is, or should be, simply one element in every busy woman’s (okay, and busy man’s, although no busy man is EVER as busy as we are) arsenal of anti-stress, wellness activities. A bit like Prosecco, but without the calories or day-after headache.

The process is dead simple: download the app, key in your details, choose your date and time, type of massage and gender of therapist and wait for the knock on the door. You can choose from deep tissue; Swedish; sports; prenatal; and couples massage daily between 8 am and midnight. Massages are fixed-price per person, and start from £60 for 60 minutes.

The lady who arrived on my doorstep was Anna, and without doubt she’s my new favourite professional. I don’t think there’s anything this lady doesn’t know about massage and how to utilise her long and varied training to soothe and repair my increasingly old and battered body. I asked for a deep tissue massage, with the caveat that if I squealed, she’d stop. Somehow she judged every stroke, every pressure point press and every repetition to perfection, not a single squeal uttered.

She knew exactly which parts of me were suffering: typist’s shoulders, obviously, but also a very tight lower back that results in random stabbing pains in my hips, giving me serious ‘oh my god I’m getting old’ panics on regular occasions.

After an hour’s work, I felt like I was floating on a sea of tranquillity, my muscles both relaxed and energised. No, I don’t know how that’s possible either, but feeling ready to rock and ready to sleep at the same time is a sensation I would happily repeat!

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I confess to being a chatter; staying silent throughout might have killed me. Luckily Anna was perfectly happy to chat, explaining the many massage therapies she has learned and how she uses these to create a bespoke treatment for each client. She was even able to suggest some stretches that would benefit me going forward. Like I say, my new favourite professional.

As I said, a massage is not something we should consider a cheeky one-off. We should view it more like a preventative measure – something to help relieve the stresses and strains of modern living and prevent a build-up of muscle tension that can result in migraines, sore backs, increased stress symptoms and even depression. Massage is a tool, not a treat, functional not frivolous, and doing it this way is so quick and easy even that reduces stress!

From £45 for a 60 minute massage,

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