Review - Thalgo facial treatment, Serenity Health and Beauty Spa, Poynton

Thalgo's iBeauty machine

Thalgo's iBeauty machine - Credit: not Archant

Four years ago, in a salon far from these shores, I endured a facial which was painful. A high-tech bit of equipment moving around my jawline set my teeth on edge so sharply that I thought my fillings would disintegrate. They didn’t, but I’ve since avoided facials with equipment.

So it was with some anxiety that I lay down in a quiet treatment room at Serenity for a Thalgo treatment involving their much-lauded iBeauty machine.

My therapist, Sharon - Thalgo Therapist of the Year 2014, no less - explained that Thalgo’s iBeauty machine uses sound-vibration, ultrasound and radiofrequency. Instrumental cosmetics are currently a big trend, aiming to satisfy customers’ demands for ever more effective treatments. The iBeauty allows salons to offer a new type of facial on Thalgo’s menu, in addition to their existing treatments. There are three short programmed treatments of 30-45 minutes which cover purifying, hydrating and anti-ageing and the device can also be used as part of any Thalgo facial to enhance results.

I was treated to the 45-minute iBeauty Hydration Corrector treatment and was delighted by what Sharon achieved, and as she assured me at the start, there would be no pain. Phew! Beginning with a thorough cleanse, Sharon then exfoliated my complexion using a combination of Peeling Solution, a marine cosmetic developed to work with iBeauty, and sound vibration technology. This was like a soft, warm pen moving gently around my face, leaving it perfectly clean and ready to absorb the highly effective I Hydrate. This was pushed deep into the skin using subtle draining, infusion and stimulating manoeuvres with the ultrasound technology.

It’s all so relaxing and I almost fell asleep as Sharon worked so much warm, creamy moisture into my face, over and over again. The treatment concluded with an application of fragrant cream and my skin was left bright and deeply hydrated.

I emerged from Serenity with my complexion looking dramatically smoother, plumped up and firmer.

Thalgo is a French beauty house whose treatments can be found in many UK hotels but in only a few high street salons. There is a plan to increase their presence in this country and that’s good news for salon addicts. I’ve enjoyed a couple of Thalgo facials in the past 18 months or so and their products and treatments are superb - and not the least bit painful!

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