Richmond hairdresser is “one half of the brains” behind innovative haircare brand

Richmond hairdresser Emma Lehane (Photo: Vicki Sharp Photography)

Richmond hairdresser Emma Lehane (Photo: Vicki Sharp Photography) - Credit: Various

Haircare entrepreneur and Richmond-based hairdresser Emma Lehane is one half of the brains behind the innovative haircare brand Area H2O, a high-tech range tailored to your water type that makes hair easier to style.

She also co-owns The Richmond Hair Company salon with her husband Patrick. With 25 years experience in hairdressing, here she shares her top five haircare tips with us...

1. Although it’s tempting during the colder months, I’m always careful not to overload my hair with conditioner. Hair can only absorb a certain amount so piling it on can make it look worse.

2. The only time I actually brush my hair is when it’s wet or during styling. Over-brushing can cause static and this, in turn, makes hair fluffy and prone to breaking.

3. If, like me, you have naturally curly waves then always style your hair when it is wet. Applying styling product to wet hair will also help keep moisture in the curls. On the other hand, straight hair should be towel-dried before you style it, to take the humidity out of the hair shaft and ensure the cuticles lie as flat as possible to enhance shine.

4. I add warm, apricot tones to my hair to eliminate any brassy, yellow hues taken on during sunnier weather. This ensures my hair colour looks fresh and bright but also realistic for the time of year.

5. Water can wreak havoc on hair, having a profound effect on its condition. I use Area H2O to rid my hair of hard water deposits that can leave it rough and hard to untangle. Developed with science experts, it acts like a magnet to lift out the mineral ions so cuticles lie flatter and hair is shinier, less flyaway and more easy to manage.

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* The Area H20 range includes Hard, Medium or Soft Water Shampoo for Normal to Fine Hair (£9.95, 250ml) or Coloured Hair (£9.95, 250ml) and Hard, Medium or Soft Water Conditioner (£9.95, 200ml). From or

* The Richmond Hair Company, 116 Sheen Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1UR Tel: 0208 940 5120