Sale fitness and lifestyle consultant Lisa Foley on keeping motivated

Fitness expert Lisa Foley from Sale gave Living Edge readers tips on how to launch a new healthy attitude last month. Now she tells you how to keep motivated

This is the year you will get the body and the confidence you deserve. Well, that’s how you felt for the first three weeks of January and now perhaps old habits are creeping back…?The condition is called ‘human nature’ and the reality is that we resist change that causes us ‘pain’.

So revisit your goals. Are they powerful or are they vague? Avoid goals such as ‘I want to look slimmer in my summer dress’, and instead state your intention in the present, include a timescale and a clear measurement.

Write your powerful goals in a notebook and carry them with you always. Read them frequently and say them aloud daily. Break old habits. You have your powerful goals and associated reasons, but old habits die hard so they will try to resurface.

Start to recognise how old habits, such as eating bad foods or missing exercise sessions, are incongruent with the quality of person you are.

The trick is to interrupt old habits immediately, and find new empowering alternatives. So, if you’re craving chocolate after dinner, instead relax in a hot bath, or phone a friend, read your favourite book or even start evening classes. Find something enjoyable that works for you.

Additionally, seek support from someone who has already achieved your goal. What empowering alternatives worked for them?

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And ‘be the change, see the change’: Now you have your powerful alternatives… rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse… until it becomes second nature. It’s your new empowering habit.

Focus on what you want and why you want it

We get what we focus on so concentrate on the positive. Remember that change is not a question of capability but of motivation. About 20 per cent of motivation comes from knowing how to change but 80% comes from knowing why. Getting fitter, for example, requires more than the knowledge that you should change, it’s knowing at the deepest emotional level that you must change.

In your notebook, answer the following:

What will this cost if I don’t change now?

What will I miss out on in my life?

If I do change now, how will my family and friends feel?

How much happier will I be?

Then write a paragraph about why you want to change now.

Lisa Foley is a fitness and lifestyle consultant based in Sale. Visit or email Mobile: 07908 015413

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