"Seek Expert Advice" says Martyn Oakey Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer at GL-14

Martyn Oakey Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer at GL-14, talks us through the importance of seeking advice from professional qualified experts

Nowadays we seem to be inundated with specialist people. We have specialists in knee surgery, life, business performance, near enough any niche that’s out there.  Problem is with every 1 good professional specialists we also have 3 very bad so called specialists.

Experts are experts for a reason!  We wouldn’t take our sick pet to a hospital we would take them to a vet! An expert in animal health! So why do would we listen to a celebrity workout video or magazine article over a trained fitness professional that has dedicated his career to obtaining the best accurate knowledge in his field of expertise?

In my experience the best valued specialist is someone who has been trained by the best or that has a proven track record with clients already.  Here at GL-14 Fairfield I can confidently say we have these people! A good trainer, Nutritionist, Osteopath or Biomechanics coach can make or break your thirst for success in the gym.  Once you have a routine set its time to know what to look for in your expert.

Ten tips to expert advice

All GL-14 Fitness trainers are heavily screened to make sure they can deliver the best to our members and be great ambassadors to the company.  Our trainers are either highly experienced trainers with years of knowledge and evidence of skill development or have been trained by the top UK training providers.  Good ones to look out for are NASM (Nation Academy for Sports medicine), ITS (Intelligent Training Systems), Premier Global or ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Check the Fitness and Personal trainers REPS credentials. REPS is a database for all working exercise professionals that can confirm the trainers qualifications and status so that it is correct and acknowledged by the industry. Meaning no Mickey Mouse trainers who have watched too many You Tube clips! Its always good to meet or talk to your trainer, therapist or coach before commencing a session.  This way you can be reassured they are the right person to help you. Does your trainer look the part?  Would an overweight personal trainer really motivate you? Or would a extremely poor postured Osteopath be able to solve your back problem?  It’s a small detail but often someones first impression of their expert. Good experts know this and practise what they preach! Does your specialist listen to you?  They should be hanging off your every word! As a trainer myself, I know you need to find out all the information possible about the client so as to construct a workout or plan that is accurate and that you will stick to.  Don’t worry if they start probing with questions after.  These questions should always be professional and often will just fine tune that fitness plan.  Usual questions revolve around exercise history, work or lifestyle, injuries or medical history and eating habbits. Don’t panic if the trainer or therapist is unsure how to treat you or your trainer able to answer a tricky question at that specific moment in time.  Sometimes we have unique cases that may require the trainer to consult another expert or even research the information.  This is a great sign of a professional trainer! They want you to get accurate knowledge so they may need to just get reassurance from another source before commencing.  Then the play switches! You need to listen to the expert advice!  I have complete confidence that everyone here at GL-14 provides our members with the most accurate and in-depth knowledge out there! They are passionate fitness professionals and want to help you so when they conflict with what you read in last months celebrity magazine, just trust them and try it! A good trainer will always stick to their strengths!  Here at GL-14 we have a close knit team of experts that bring your entire fitness schedule together.  A good trainer will refer you to his expert colleagues.  For example, im a strength and conditioning coach and although I can push someone to their limits and keep everything safe the chances of injury can be high! So I have a team of Corrective exercise coachs, Osteopaths and sports therapists that can help me identify possible injuries to the client and I can steer clear of certain activities.  The links are endless but the trainer will need to utilise his colleagues in order to give you the best possible chance of success. Ask questions! Don’t be scared to ask the expert questions if you are unsure of anything.  As a trainer I always appreciate questions about the workout plans I deliver so they can understand why.  When someone understands the background knowledge of eg.  ‘why am i doing a bicep curl with my tummy tensed?’ they will do it better and more focused which will gain a faster result. Don’t go it alone after a session!  In most cases trainers will want to see your success as well as your weak areas so we can keep you progressing.  GL-14 uses a unique member tracking service; The Guaranteed Results Plan (GRP), where our trainers can regularly keep you updated and motivated especially during the most tricky part of a fitness regime….the start of it!  Every time you feel progression has stopped just book back in with the expert and get cracking again!

Ok so now you have a routine planned and are now looked after by a well trained team of experts!

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What do you look at next? Moving into more specific areas my next tip will be; Mobilising and Stabilising your body to train effectively.

Martyn Oakey (Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer GL-14)

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