Simply the guest - wedding fashion

You might not be the star of the show at a wedding, but you still have a special role to play

An invitation to a wedding is the best excuse to dress up to the nines (maybe even the tens). So don't let the side down by turning up in a skirt and blouse you'd happily wear for work. You can't wear white, cream or ivory - you really, really can't - so why not go to the opposite extreme and embrace colour, pattern and texture in a big way? Go for big, bold florals, intriguing geometrics and clashing hues that have less in common with a horse and carriage and more with a horse and a pogo-stick. It might not be your big day, but that doesn't mean you have to think small. The happy couple have invited you along because you are important to them - so walk proud and wear something lusciously loud.

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