Spa day before the big day?

Why not enjoy a relaxing spa day ahead of your big day?

Why not enjoy a relaxing spa day ahead of your big day? - Credit: Archant

One Skin in Riverdell Village in Maldon is a beautiful spa and the perfect place to make final preparations before the big day.

This month I was encouraged by Noele Hammett, beautician and owner at Riverdell Village, to come down and have a health, lifestyle and skincare consultation. It was a great opportunity to seek help with my skin, which can be affected by stress.

After discussing and answering various questions, Noelle advised me to have a skin nutrition face treatment by One Skin for sensitive and stressed skin.

The treatment began with a preparation cleanse with skin diagnosis, followed by a deep cleanse with sonic brushes and ph balanced skin cleanser and a rejuvenating skin exfoliation with gentle corn cob meal scrub, which felt amazing. I was then treated to a muscle release face, neck and shoulder massage to dissolve muscular tension, which aids relaxation to the nervous system, increases circulation to improve blood flow, feeding the skin and heightening drainage to the lymphatic system to remove unwanted toxins and improve blocked sinuses. The facial was followed with a multi vitamin repairing mask packed with vitamins to fight free radicals. Finishing with the application of anti-inflammatory skin repairing serum, a protective shield and UV cover.

I personally loved the treatment, as I felt fairly run down, but my skin felt instantly refreshed and gave me an extra boost of confidence for the day ahead.

It is evident Noelle is passionate about helping each individual to improve their skin care regime and to make sure it adapts to their particular lifestyle. After my treatment was over, she prepared a treatment plan and home care routine for me to maximise results over the next few months.

Rivendell Village

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