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Enjoy a treatment that is designed to slim your curves and reduce the look of cellulite

So, we spend all summer working on a bikini body, then as soon as the season of layers hits we relax…and why not, knits and wraps and scarves and all were surely designed precisely for hiding the bumps and wobbles autumnal comfort eating creates?

Unfortunately, party season fast approaches and those bodycon dresses leave us with no place to hide. So what to do? Well, you could head to Harvey Nichols for a Bodysculpt treatment from skincare group Environ, founded by top plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes. Fernandes is a passionate proponent of the power of Vitamin A, calling it the ‘oxygen’ skin needs to counteract the harmful effects of the environment, pollution and stress. Environ products can only be sold via a carefully, expertly trained specialist who ‘prescribes’ the products that will best serve your needs – and luckily enough we have such a resource at Harvey Nichols Manchester. And not only can you discover the joys of the skin and bodycare range, but enjoy a treatment that is designed to slim your curves and reduce the look of cellulite too.

I met Amy, the Environ specialist for the Manchester store, for a quick chat about the brand before my treatment, and she’s a great mix of calmly professional and girly enthusiastic. It seems that the science behind the development of the range, the intense training she went through and the results she has seen have all combined to make her supremely confident when discussing your skin’s needs, both inside and out, as Environ includes as part of its range a collection of supplements built on Fernandes’ studies into what we need to give our bodies in order to support its largest organ, the skin.

Environ have developed their own machine, using a narrow headpiece to deliver a current of iontophoresis that carries a specially developed serum through the skin. Used clinically to deliver medicines, here it helps deliver Environ’s Body Profile Gel to a deeper level than can be achieved by simple topical application. The machine additionally uses sonophoresis, or ultrasound waves, to increase the skin’s facility to absorb the serum. The whole process is designed to smooth and tone the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The treatment itself is fabulously relaxing, so much so that it’s hard to believe that it can possibly be having any effect, as Amy applies the serum and then uses the wand in gentle circles to trigger the increased absorption.

It’s recommended that you have a series of treatments and Amy assures me she’s seen amazing results. I had just the one treatment and I experienced a definite sensation of change around my midriff and bum that very day. My baby tummy felt slightly lifted and my jeans were absolutely less tight. After a single, incredibly relaxing utterly non-invasive treatment that’s quite extraordinary.

I think it would be perfect for someone heading to a special event and wanting to present a slightly smoother silhouette. A series of treatments, in the build up to a big event (winter wedding, anybody?) would slim the curves, smooth and tone the skin. It’s not a permanent fix, but it’s a temporary confidence booster we can all celebrate.

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Single treatment, £45

Environ @ Harvey Nichols Manchester | 0161 828 8897

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