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The faces of Hollywood stars don’t belie their age just because of healthy living…they rely on technology like Harmony ClearLift – and you can find it in Wilmslow, says Kate Houghton

MediSpa Wilmslow, founded and run by Dr Nyla Raja, is the home of many highly scientific, medical grade non-invasive aesthetic skin and body treatments. Many of these treatments are the sworn (if secret) darlings of famous faces from both sides of the Atlantic, with Harmony ClearLift having gained global recognition for its effectiveness. My response to being invited by Dr Raja to test it for myself therefore was only to be expected. When I had calmed down, my appointment was booked – my route to smoother skin and a youthful glow only days away.

The Harmony ClearLift, otherwise known as the Hollywood Lift, is a first of its kind form of laser skin resurfacing. Skin resurfacing strips away many of the signs of modern living imprinted on our faces – late nights, daily stresses, pollution, sun worshipping and the inevitable march of time. It addresses very fine lines, blemishes and sun spots and gives an instant youthful glow to tired skin. Unlike better known skin resurfacing treatments however – chemical peels and other laser formats (such as fractional or pixilated) – it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t leave you looking like you’ve fallen asleep on a tropical beach with no sun cream on.

Harmony ClearLift uses the world’s first fractional non-ablative 1064nm laser - according to the literature. This means it divides the laser light stream into multiple teeny tiny fractions that penetrate deeper into the dermis, affecting the skin cells at a lower level and triggering regeneration there, with absolutely no injury to the upper surface.

Your skin reacts to trauma by producing additional collagen, elastin and fibroblasts as part of the healing process. The laser also destroys pigment cells below the epidermis, ridding you of mild blemishes caused by sun and aging. As the skin below regenerates, the upper layers are shed (as they are every day, and should be encouraged to do by regular exfoliation) and quantities of new, fresher skin cells rise to the surface.

I’m not one for pain, though in my role (as beauty writer and ageing woman) I have experienced more than a few painful treatments. This one is positively the opposite. My therapist Jodie took me to a smart yet clinical white room and I reclined, in a ladylike manner, on a bed while she ran the head of the laser across my jawline and face, around my eye sockets and my forehead in regular, gentle swoops. The sensation is warm and relaxing and it’s hard to believe it’s having any effect.

It is though. After just three treatments (and six are recommended for the full effect) those fine lines around my eyes have completely vanished. My skin feels tauter and I have taken to wearing no more than a stroke of BB cream, if that, rather than any form of foundation. Compliments are offered and friends ask if I’ve been away. My skin is smoother and the skin tones more even - and I can’t wait for the next treatment.

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