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Combating the signs of ageing

Combating the signs of ageing - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The M22 is a non-ablative fractional skin-resurfacing laser, which means it treats the layers of skin under the surface without damaging the surface itself.

Who cares about the ‘visible signs of aging’? Most of us, that’s who. Aging is rubbish. That glorious plump, fresh skin of our youth disappears so stealthily that one day you wake up and poof – sun spots, fine lines and a skin laxity you would swear wasn’t there a week ago.

But what to do? If you have the means and the motivation, there are a number of options, one of which – M22 Laser skin re-surfacing, is available right here, in Wilmslow – and it really works.

How? Well, the M22 is a non-ablative fractional skin-resurfacing laser, which means it treats the layers of skin under the surface without damaging the surface itself. Heat from the laser promotes collagen production, which helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

My treatment started with the application of skin numbing cream, to help with what I was promised would be just sharp shocks of heat, which would build at the treatment continued. My therapist, the lovely Olivia, was warned of my serious aversion to pain and took time to reassure me that yes, it would hurt but no, not so much I’d cry.

The first stage is to use the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Photorejuvenation Solution element of the machine, which fires bursts of laser light through the skin’s surface, where they heat pigment cells, which consequently swell, burst and empty of pigment. Over the next week the dark pigment from sun spots and age freckles rose to the surface of my skin, to be brushed away by my normal cleansing regime. This bit really stings, like an elastic band smacking your face, but literally only for a part of a second, so it’s ouchy, but ok.

The next part, the ResurFX Solution, is very ouchy. Olivia told me that my laser was set to the lowest level and that some of her clients barely noticed it. Good for them. She carefully places the head of the laser against the skin, in incremental steps along the jawline, face, upper lip and brow, and presses the trigger. Each time she does this there is a shock of heat that makes me flinch and grunt a little, but no tears. I am in control of a cold air jet, which really helps – both to distract me and to cool the area ahead of and behind the laser.

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It doesn’t take long and afterwards I’m scarlet from brow to jaw, which isn’t pretty. It can’t be too awful though as I make my way back to my car in the Waitrose carpark without a single double-take from Saturday shoppers. Once home, I knock back two Ibuprofen, grab an ice pack from the freezer and clamp it (carefully wrapped in a cloth) to my face while settling down for a marathon session of Grey’s Anatomy. It takes five episodes before I can put the ice-pack away but by bedtime it’s all fine.

My skins stayed flushed for a couple of days and feels tight and dry for a few more, but within a week it’s returned to normal and in three weeks I can already see a marvellous difference.

It’s recommended that to really address the wrinkles I’d need three treatments, and probably at a higher setting. However, just a single treatment at coward-setting has evened out my skin tones, ridding me of more than a few sun blemishes. My skin feels totally fabulous too – it’s soft, smooth and plumper, especially around the forehead and eye area, where there is a definite tightening. This thing really works! Would I do it again? Yes, I definitely would – and I might even ask for coward-setting plus a bit.

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