Spa Review - Mottram Hall, Mottram St Andrew

Mottram Hall

Mottram Hall - Credit: Archant

Felicity Jackson heads off to Mottram Hall for her first ever spa experience

Felicity is rewarded with lunch

Felicity is rewarded with lunch - Credit: Archant

As a first time spa go-er, the idea of a spa day scared me, the thought of being deprived of caffeine and hearty food and strange people touching my body… Mottram Hall however is a fantastic. Opulent, immaculate, well-equipped and well organised; the De Vere Spa was a delightful get away for a relaxing, invigorating and entertaining day with my mum.

From the moment we arrived, we were greeted by exceptionally helpful staff and were then guided through the list of treatments so that we could choose two that were most suited to our needs.

We both opted for the facial, which was highly recommended by Spa Manager Jules, and I also choose a back, neck and shoulder massage as I broke my shoulder a while back and thought this may be useful.

We were then shown the facilities of the spa by our hostess and guided to our secluded treatment rooms, my therapist Elaine talked me through all the procedures and the ingredients of all the oils as I mentioned to her I had allergies and she was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful!

My first treatment was the massage where I was so relaxed and at ease I think I actually fell asleep at one point. When the massage was over I struggled to turn onto my back for my facial as my muscles had been sent into a deep slumber.

My facial started with a skin vision analysis where I was shown areas of concern on my face, including dehydration and sun damage which I was completely oblivious to. My face was soothed, cleansed and exfoliated before a mask was applied; during which time I received a head massage.

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My only advice to people in a hurry or that have somewhere else to be afterwards: do not get the rose clay massaged into your hair, yes it smells great and made my hair very glossy but it also made me look like Cameron Diaz in something about Mary!

When my treatments were over, my therapist talked me through all the procedures again and advised me on ways to look after myself a little better and then armed me with a soft cotton waffle robe and slippers. I was then guided to the relaxation room where my mum was waiting, with equally bad rose clay infused hair and snuggled in a robe. Both of us left our treatments energised and ready for other adventures that Mottram Hall had in store for us.

Whilst still tranquil and swathed in robes, we were led to the immaculately clean changing facilities with nothing but a bracelet, which was in fact the key to our lockers; inside were ESPA lotions and body washes and the softest of the towels.

After a quick shower and change we decided to make the most of the glorious sunshine by heading outside to the Jacuzzi followed by lounging in the hanging chairs. We then made our way to the Brechelbath, which is the UK’s first herbal steam bath experience used traditionally by farming communities from the Alpine regions of Europe. The modern day Brechelbath is centred around a Brechel oven covered with fir twigs, branches and cones filling the room with an invigorating alpine fragrance. I couldn’t help but associate the smells of the room with Christmas trees; it was like a festive sauna but I liked it. Before becoming wrinkly from lingering in the pool, we preened and cleaned ourselves, got into our normal clothes and headed to the cocktail lounge in the hotel for some afternoon tea and prosecco.

So I started the day as a spa virgin, oblivious to the joys of pampering but I am more than happy to say that I left as a spa enthusiast! Revitalised and with a spring in my step, I would recommend the De Vere to all.

My only criticism was the repetitive music which I can only describe as a cross between whale noises and a Medieval band; but this is from a DJ’s point of view; however I’d be more than happy to give Mottram Hall a mix tape.

Mottram Hall

Wilmslow Road, Mottram St Andrew, Cheshire SK10 4QT

0871 222 4686

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