Spa review - QMS Oxygen Facial, The Lowry Hotel Spa

QMS Oxygen Facial @ The Lowry Hotel Spa

QMS Oxygen Facial @ The Lowry Hotel Spa - Credit: Archant

MS Medicosmetics sit neatly at the point where medical science and skincare intersect, and you can enjoy a bespoke treatment with their products at only three places in the UK, the Lowry Hotel being the only one outside London.

Brand founder Dr. Shulte became interested in the use of collagen for wound healing when working in the field of trauma surgery in his home country of Germany. At that time surgery could reconstruct the shape of the face but skin remained scarred and damaged, he knew if he could re-introduce collagen he could improve the skin’s elasticity and appearance. So he turned to science to look for a suitable technique to re-introduce natural soluble collagens topically and boost skin regeneration. This collagen-enhancing process became the foundation of QMS Medicosmetics and renowned as one of the most iconic innovations in the beauty sector.

I knew just a little of this when I took myself to The Lowry for a mid-week facial (possibly the greatest treat in any working woman’s life.) It soon became apparent however that this was to be no ordinary facial.

Starting with a double cleanse, my facialist, Rowan, tells me that skin has no need for five, seven or (horrors) ten step skincare regimes, just a really good cleansing milk, a great toner and an appropriate moisturiser, with a regular exfoliation using a non-abrasive product. In the case of QMS, this means their Dermabrasion Gel, a 7% glycolic exfoliator, which has no itch or tingle to it at all, but easily takes off the dead and dull skin cells that clog up our skin. As I was having a professional facial Rowan then went on to apply a non-retail version of the product, which has a more powerful effect – but still didn’t itch, thank goodness!

Once this was removed, with a soft sponge, Rowan applied the famous QMS Collagen Serum, designed to hydrate, protect and strengthen my skin against free radicals. She then applied a thick (really thick!) algae mask, which is painted on and then sets like a heavy gel, which was wonderfully cooling and acted to hydrate and nourish the deeper layers of my skin. It was strangely blissful!

Next, using a pure oxygen infusion machine, Rowan ‘pushed’ hyaluronic acid into my skin, which as we all know, is instrumental in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The machine used is a medical grade piece of kit, which fires oxygen molecules in past the epidermis that on their way through pick up the tiny hyaluronic acid molecules and take them with them. The oxygen machine is used for wound treatments following surgery, to reduce scarring. Genius.

Now, onto my favourite part: an extensive facial contouring massage using the Relaxo-Firm face mask. Rowan expertly lifted and manipulated my facial muscles to remind them of where they’re supposed to be, while the mask firms and plumps the skin. It was bliss, I can tell you. We finished our 90 joy filled minutes with eye cream, lip cream and a touch of tinted moisturiser and I left looking and feeling fabulous.

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My skin glowed for days, my eye area in particular was noticeably improved and the while face felt tauter and plumper to the touch. Dr Shulte definitely knows what he’s doing; I want this every week, for the rest of my life. Heaven in a spa room.

QMS Pure Oxygen Facial, £100,

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