Spa review - Skinbreeze Signature Facial at Cheshire CACI Clinic

A facial with serious purpose

A facial with serious purpose - Credit: Archant

Kate Houghton checks out the five stage facial treatment.

The Skinbreeze Skin Rejuvenation System comes from the people behind CACI and, as you’d expect, uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver on its promise of a dramatic improvement in your skin’s condition.

This is not a facial for those who love a little patting and pampering; this facial has serious purpose - a purpose which is delivered in five defined steps, all snowballing to finish with toned, super-clean and super-hydrated skin that will in fact hit its smooth and glowy peak around two days later, making it the perfect pre-occasion facial for those who love a compliment.

The first stage is an ultra-gentle dermabrasion, which uses a spinning rounded head coated with orbs, not shards or crystals as many dermabrasion systems do. This sloughs off dead skin cells and build-up of make-up but is gentle enough for even very sensitive skin. It’s really quite enjoyable, not something one would say about many skin-sloughing treatments, I can tell you. You are now prepared for phase two - Ozone Therapy.

Over the next several minutes, a high frequency current is applied to the face and neck. The current forces the production of ozone, which has great skin tightening and firming qualities and delivers a radiant glow. It has a pretty dramatic effect on hormonal breakouts and will shrink open pores too. Again, it’s gentle and relaxing and Rachel is very good at explaining, if you should want, exactly what is going on.

Stage three is Oxygen Infusion. Three different serums are applied and pushed into the dermal layer by a high pressure oxygen jet. The first serum is designed to deeply hydrate the skin while the second, unromantically called Wrinkle Filler, is designed to do just that. This stage is very much custom-designed around your own personal needs, with time spent just where it’s needed. Finally, an eye-brightener serum is massaged gently into the eye area, addressing dark circles and puffiness. It’s like a mini massage for the face – a very pleasant experience on a weekday afternoon.

Next comes the CACI hydrogel mask; hyaluronic acid, vitamins A,C and E and soothing rosewater. It’s an odd, slightly icky sensation, as the cool gel mask is laid over your face, but it soon warms up and oh it does smell great! The mask hydrates while LED red light treatment, via a vibrating massage tip, stimulates collagen production and reduces inflammation.

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Finally, Rachel applies an oxygen spray; this seals the pores and gives a final burst of hydration. Then…the big reveal.

My skin is so smooth and taut and fine it feels quite unlike my own. I’m struck with how much less give there is, particularly around the eyes. It’s an irresistible feeling and I find myself touching and stroking my face for days and days after. Over the next 72 hours I watch as my face gains increased glow and I get that smashing feel-good feeling. The overall effect doesn’t really begin to fade for a ten days or so and Rachel tells me that a regular Skinbreeze would extend the benefits greatly. Book me in!

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