Spa review - Spa at The Midland, Manchester

The Spa at the Midland

The Spa at the Midland - Credit: Archant

Beatrice Tetteh takes a relaxing break at the tranquil new spa at the Midland Hotel, in Manchester

 The Spa at the Midland

The Spa at the Midland - Credit: Archant

Below the busy streets of Manchester is the wonderfully luxurious Spa at the Midland. This  new £1.5 million addition to the city’s most historic hotel is a chance to truly leave your stresses behind. Down a flight of stairs is a secluded passage to serenity where I find a beautifully decorated waiting room. The relaxation here is contagious and I can’t quite decide whether it’s the hint of lavender in the air or the ambient candle light. 

I opted for the ESPA Back, Face and Scalp treatment, targeting three areas. Having recently exposed my skin to lots of sun while on holiday, I figured it needed some TLC. My lovely therapist, Nicola, suggests that I have experienced a little dehydration in the skin, which is something I’d never thought about…Nicola creates the treatment to address my area of concern, gently working moisture back into my skin. 

During the treatment I seem to forget the city and travel to the peaceful lands of India, with my choice of music helping to set the tone. It’s a sensory delight as the scents of the ESPA products help me to envision a tropical retreat right in the heart of Manchester’s beating city.

This treatment gave me the full ESPA experience. I particularly like the Optimal Skin ProCleanser: Nicola gently works a warm cloth over my back and face to exfoliate the skin leaving it naturally radiant and smooth. However, the real winner for me is the Optimal Skin ProSerum, used under the moisturizer and to perform the facial massage. This one left me glowing and so happy you wouldn’t believe it! Those troublesome dark circles are nowhere in sight! What I like about this treatment is that I can finally understand my problem areas, how to care for them and particularly what causes them; all is made clear during my aftercare consultation.  

CHE Aug15 Midland Hotel spa

CHE Aug15 Midland Hotel spa - Credit: Archant

As I’m called back down from cloud nine, I  discover this is not the end of my bliss, as the spa has some beautiful facilities. I take a long break in the hanging pods, probably the most charming feature of the spa, and sip on a complimentary skin beauty tea. The WIFI here is plentiful, so being a child of the new age I take a moment to snap a Selfie of my renewed skin and share it on social media. 

A true thermal experience can be found in the Salt-Infusion Aromatherapy Steam Bath.This is a steam room with a twist. The added salt infusion cleanses my respiratory system leaving me feeling refreshed inside and out. 

Beatrice Tetteh enjoyed the 85 minute Back, face & Scalp treatment (hot stones optional) which costs £75. For further details about this and other treatments visit

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