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This new facial from Serenity in Poynton delivers a glow

Who doesn’t love a facial? You can throw any amount of filler or relaxant at your face you like, but without great skincare to deliver the glow, looking great will always be a step away. And wowsers…does this new facial from Serenity in Poynton deliver the glow.

I’ve not come across Thalgo before, but a little research reveals much of interest. They have been exploring the oceans for over 50 years to discover new algae and ways of harnessing its incredible regenerative properties in their beauty treatments, leading to the development of the Prodige des Océans range. At the heart of the range is Intelligence Marine Régénérative, a supreme concentrate with 63 marine nutrients, which reactivates the proteins key to youthful-looking skin providing proven correction of wrinkles, firmness, dryness and blemishes.

It’s not all about the lotions and potions however; Thalgo have devised an extraordinary facial ritual that will leave you grabbing for your diary to book the next one.

The whole experience at Serenity is, well, serene. Advised to arrive a little early, to give me time to decompress, I chilled with a cuppa before my therapist, Eleanor, took me to the treatment room and started the experience with a deeply relaxing pressure point massage across the back of my neck and shoulders. Then, lying back into a cosy treatment bed, I prepared for the usual exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate routine…but was quite overwhelmed at just how this was delivered.

Inspired by the ancient Japanese Kobido manual facelift technique, Thalgo have devised an ultra-luxurious three step massage designed to deeply relax and release facial tensions, to smooth wrinkles and restore firmness and elasticity to the skin. It’s utterly fabulous.

Eleanor starts with a deep cleanse and an exfoliation that I adored, using a cream with carefully created spherical plant-based microbeads that gently remove dead and dull skin, before applying a rich and creamy mask to hydrate, energise and oxygenate. While this does its job, she undertakes a thorough and fabulous hand, arm and décolleté massage, before progressing into a facial massage I wanted never to end; each stage each clearly defined and deeply enjoyable. It’s possible to drift off into a trance state, entering a degree of relaxation rare for any woman too used to keeping multiple balls in the air.

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This facial is 90 minutes of bliss; the application of the fabulous creams and serums taken to high art through a skilled massage technique and closing with a pressure point scalp massage that ends all too quickly. Afterwards, my skin glows, my facial contours appear redefined and more firmly sculpted and tiny fine lines around my eyes and between my brows have disappeared. I know they’ll be back, this is a facial, not a miracle cure, but smooth, glowing skin and a feeling of utter relaxation is something every woman deserves in her life. Whatever else you do this summer, do this.

65 Park Lane, Poynton, SK12 1RD

01625 877875

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