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Take care of your skin

Take care of your skin - Credit: Archant

Kate Houghton goes for som star treatment in Wilmslow

Last time I went to see the lovely Dr Nyla Raja at MediSpa Wilmslow, I had a song buzzing around in my head that pretty much summed up precisely how I felt – You Lift Me Up…. No romance, simple fact!

The reason for my songfulness was that I was returning to show Nyla the results of an Ultherapy treatment I had last November. I know, it’s a long time ago – but the Ultherapy lifting treatment takes several months to show its effects, and boy – what effects these are!

In short – Ultherapy is a face-lift for those who cannot contemplate surgery or simply want to put off going under the knife for as long as possible, and it really works.

My treatment was delivered by sweet, calm and competent Jodie and is done through the application of ultrasound via a tiny, wand-like device.

The ‘wand’ fires highly focused bursts of ultrasound energy to pre-set depths below the skin surface, heating the tissue at multiple tiny points, denaturing the collagen there and triggering the body’s natural healing process.

When the body heals such damage, it produces more, new collagen and elastin, the things that give our skin plumpness and suppleness and the elasticity we associate with youth.

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This machine, uniquely, allows the specialist delivering the treatment to actually see the skin layers she is about to fire the ultrasound pulses into (like a maternity ultrasound does) and so ensures that the effect is optimised and that she can avoid coming too close to bone or blood vessels.

Now, one thing I freely admit is that I’m a wimp of the first order and, being totally honest, this hurts. In fact, last time I lay on a bed in a clinical room, gasping as shocks of pain hit me and a calming voice murmured that I was being very brave and it would soon be over, I was giving birth. The similarities don’t stop there though – the pain is momentary and, it turns out, oh so worth it - and you end up totally uplifted, though this time physically rather than emotionally. And…I’d definitely do it again.

Because the healing process takes around three to five months, the results come slowly but surely – a ‘stealth’ facelift as it were, neither so dramatic or obviously instant as a surgical facelift, which would cost a great deal more, result in a long downtime recuperation period and cause a lot more raised brows and questions than this does – hence Ultherapy’s appeal to TV personalities and Hollywood stars.

Six months after my treatment my jaw line has firmed up beautifully; I’ve lost that sagginess that started to creep up on me after I turned 40. My eyelids have lifted too; the right eyelid was being affected by fractional increased drop of my forehead on that side, so Nyla suggested that only that side was treated. Genius – my eyes now match!

About three months in I bumped into some girlfriends I’d not seen since Christmas and was positively covered in compliments about how good I was looking. Six months in and I’m thrilled to pieces with the results. It will be another 18 months before my skin starts to catch up with my age again, and in the meantime I’ll keep singing my new happy song: you lift me up…

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