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A new treatment for the lumps and bumps on thighs, hips, bum, tum and love handles.

We all have lumpy, bumpy bits we just can’t seem to shift, that have crept up on us as we enter our thirties and forties, like ninja confidence shakers, and for many women the additional presence of cellulite makes the arrival of summer and bikini days by the pool something of a nightmare.

Back in the day we would turn to the empty promises of body brushes, increasingly expensive lotions and sometimes painful massage (not mention icky sticky sweaty wraps) to address the issue of cellulite, while experimenting with a series of promising, but ultimately disappointing, diets to shift the curves.

Now, drum roll please, there is Velashape, which smooths and reduces the lumps and bumps on thighs, hips, bum, tum and love handles.

Here’s how it works: the treatment head, when contact is made with the skin, uses Infra-red optical energy and Bipolar Radio frequency to super-heat the dermal and sub-dermal layers, this results in widening of the blood vessels in that area, which improves circulation and lymphatic drainage. The heat also increases the metabolism of the fat cells in the hypodermis, which causes them to shrink and release their fat – which is then taken away by the lymphatic system. In the dermis, the collagen fibres shrink, which results in smaller fat chambers and skin tightening – hence the reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

Having been very cross about the mysterious arrival of positively grab-able love handles over the last decade (okay, maybe not so mysterious, when you take into consideration my love of food and not-love of exercise) I was keen to see if Velashape could help reduce my curves even just a little bit.

My three treatments were undertaken by Tracy, who advised me that I might find it slightly uncomfortable, but not very, as the area was quite firm and the rollers wouldn’t hoik in my skin overmuch. She says that on the inner thigh it can be more flinch-inducing. In the event, I found the whole thing rather relaxing. What’s not to love about what is in essence a super-heated massage? Tracy manoeuvres the treatment head around the area you want dealt with, carefully increasing the heat levels to in-excess of 40 degrees, which is when all the good stuff kicks in. This happens gradually, so you adapt, and only for the last few minutes does it get uncomfortable and, in my case, do you start to twitch and flinch.

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Tracy measured me before my first treatment and a week after my third. I lost a fabulous three inches from my waist and 2.5 inches from my love-handles. Yippee! I can feel it in my clothes; I have a pair of gorgeous Paige jeans that I had pretty much given up on – not only am I back in them but they’re really comfortable now!

This is not a permanent fat-loss solution; but for many of Re-Enhance’s clients, a series of three treatments is just what’s needed to make a sizable difference in just a matter of weeks and after that a maintenance treatment every six weeks or so keeps them on top of it.

For many the investment also triggers a change in diet and exercise too – after all, if you’re taking steps such as this, the re-shaping of your daily diet seems but a small and easy thing! This is my approach – fewer carbs, lots more water and some of your actual exercise. After all, I’m worth it.

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