Details on the hair loss treatment available at Lucinda Ellery in Southampton

Carla before and after her Intralace System treatment

Carla before and after her Intralace System treatment - Credit: Archant

If you’re suffering from hair loss, it can be a big blow to your confidence and self esteem. We found out more on the hair loss management and replacement solutions on offer at Lucinda Ellery

Louise before and after her Medi Connections treatment

Louise before and after her Medi Connections treatment - Credit: Archant

Who is Lucinda Ellery?

Following the death of her father, Lucinda Ellery – aged 10 at the time – began to experience instant hair loss due to alopecia areata. What she quickly found is that hair loss in women is not fully understood by society in terms of the deep impact it has on self esteem and self confidence. This inspired her to research how more permanent female hair loss solutions and hair loss treatment might work. That formed what we know today as Lucinda Ellery (established in 1984) with offices across the UK, including Southampton, as well as two studios in the USA.

What causes hair loss in women?

Hair loss causes can range from, but are not limited to: alopecia areata, female pattern hair loss (this is sometimes known as female pattern baldness), telogen effluvium, hair loss from chemotherapy or radiotherapy, frontal fibrosing alopecia, lichen planopilaris and trichotillomania (a common hair pulling disorder).

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What treatments can Lucinda Ellery offer and how do they work?

Intralace™: This system has been designed for women with thinning hair, patches of hair loss or hair loss at the fringe, parting and crown. Lucinda Ellery focus on the areas of hair that need volume, therefore making it bespoke to each individual, whether they’re suffering from trichotillomania, chemotherapy side effects or any of the aforementioned hair loss causes.

The first stage is to introduce the Intralace™ system mesh between the existing hair and the scalp. Intralace™ panels containing additional human hair are added to completely disguise any hair loss. An Intralace™ parting is also added to the crown section creating an extremely natural look. This is a fully integrated hair loss treatment, you wear it 24/7 and wash and care for it just like it was your own hair.

You can find out more about the Intralace™ method here.

Medi Connections™: When hair loss is less severe or the issue is a general reduction in hair volume, Lucinda Ellery’s Medi Connections™ could be the solution. These are ultra-fine lightweight hair extensions which can be placed discretely and strategically underneath the client’s hair in order to add volume.

You can find out more about the Medi Connections™ method here.

How effective are these treatments?

The hair loss treatment available at Lucinda Ellery is very effective. Whilst the Intralace™ system might not be a cure for trichotillomania or other hair loss causes, it will completely disguise the affected areas and technicians at Lucinda Ellery will maintain the system every six to eight weeks. It also gives you freedom to continue life as you normally would, even taking part in activities such as swimming. The system can be simply removed if hair loss subsides and it will not prevent any possible regrowth of the clients own natural hair.

Medi Connections™ used to treat fine hair or mild thinning last for around three months at which point they are removed and/or replaced if necessary by technicians at Lucinda Ellery.

Most people are extremely emotional about their hair, so when hair loss or hair thinning begins, it can have a huge effect on self esteem. These treatments result in a very natural looking head of hair and can be an incredible boost on self confidence.

What is the process if I’m experiencing hair loss or thinning hair?

For women experiencing hair loss, the first step may well be a website enquiry or phone call to Lucinda Ellery. They will be put in touch with Relationship Manager Miriam who will run through the services on offer, making sure prospective clients understand that it’s a cosmetic procedure, rather than surgical. Miriam would ask for an overview on your hair, akin to a pre consultation.

A free of charge one-hour consultation is the next step with clients visiting a Lucinda Ellery studio. This is when a Consultant can see the hair first hand, discuss which treatment is needed, pricing and how many visits might be required.

Lucinda Ellery Consultancy, Ground Floor, 1 Canute Road, Southampton SO14 3FH; 023 8110 3275. Find out more at

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