Springfield Cancer Centre, Chelmsford

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There is no doubt that going through the diagnosis of potential cancer or cancer treatment can be worrying and stressful, but the new Springfield Cancer Centre in Chelmsford can make a big difference at this difficult time

Springfield Cancer Centre

Springfield Cancer Centre - Credit: Archant

Springfield Cancer Centre in Chelmsford is the latest addition to Ramsay Health Care’s network of hospitals across Essex and Hertfordshire, providing both Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy services together in one location.

A key benefit to patients is the holistic nature of these cancer services. Cancer treatment, more than most forms of healthcare, is a frightening and worrying journey for patients and their families. Staff at the Springfield Cancer Centre aim to support patients every step of the way, either providing the whole pathway of care or working seamlessly with other organisations where more appropriate. The team also support patients after their clinical treatment is completed, helping them live their life with a survivorship programme in partnership with local charities.

In conjunction with Springfield Hospital, Ramsay Health Care can also provide a full range of diagnostic services, including Prostate Screening and One-Stop Diagnosis Breast Clinics.

Many patients will be referred by their GP for a diagnostic appointment to try and determine the cause of symptoms including the possibility of cancer. These can be worrying weeks while patients wait for test results, so Ramsay Health Care aims to do things differently. Staff are committed to offering a speed and flexibility of appointments to patients, and try to book connected appointments on the same day (eg appointment, test and results) to avoid patients having unnecessary delays and waits during diagnosis.

As a private patient being treated at Springfield Hospital and Cancer Centre, you will be treated in a calming, relaxing environment with access to numerous additional facilities and services. These include...

• Fast and flexible appointment times and dates

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• Consultant-led care supported by caring, friendly staff

• Excellent levels of cleanliness and effective infection control measures delivering low infection rates

• If you have to come in as an inpatient (staying overnight) you will be in a private, en-suite room

• All rooms and day stay areas have free digital TV, free wifi and radio

• Freshly-prepared meals are served during treatment

• Free car parking

• High quality clinical services regulated by the Care Quality Commission