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It's not too late to start a 2016 health kick

It's not too late to start a 2016 health kick - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Radio 2 holistic health expert, Imperfectly Natural Woman author and Herts mum Janey Lee Grace chooses her favourite treatments, therapies and foods in the county

You may have been one of the many people who didn’t quite keep your New Year resolution to detox but here’s another chance. According to experts, spring is a better time to detox than deep winter because in the new season everything wakes up ready for nature’s renewal phase with new growth, regeneration and refreshment.

Amanda Nelson, who is a member of a women’s networking group in Stevenage, is an Easy Detox Expert. She says you should start a detox during April in line with nature rather than in January, which is all about resting. Amanda believes you can detox, lose weight and feel great easily. Her tips include aiming to eat what is seasonally available, fresh, natural, unprocessed and non pre-prepared, chemically enhanced or genetically modified.

Exercise is also key, but says keep it playful and based around natural movement. If possible detox your home environment at the same time – a great excuse for a declutter and spring clean. For more, go to where there are also details of her forthcoming book Detox without the Drama.

Eat Dance Shine

This month sees the launch of a great new book by Kings Langley author Michele Kaye. She teaches Nia dance, which brings mindfulness to dance and movement and offers nutritional workshops both aimed at creating health and happiness, and in her first book she shares her learning for joyful living throughout life.

‘Can you say the best is yet to come?’ she asks. In Eat, Dance, Shine: How to come alive, gain energy and push back the years (Filament Publishing) you can discover tips, ideas and recipes that are positive and joyful, so you’ll want to weave them into your life. Oh, and if you’d like to shed some pounds, losing weight may just be one of the amazing side effects of the approach.

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Baldock apples

While you’re detoxing it’s important to have plenty of fresh fruit, so check out the brilliant fresh apple juice from Baldock’s Apple Cottage Cider (you can opt for the delicious juice from handpicked apples as well as the cider!)

They pride themselves on bringing apple juice to you ‘from branch to bottle’ (250ml and 750ml), fresh and full of vitamin C. See

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