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Chic pleat

Chic pleat - Credit: Archant

Your guide to the perfect chic pleat

Blow-dry the hair straight, make a side parting and carry back to behind the opposite ear. Clip the hair out of the way and make sure any little hairs are blow-dried flat to the hairline.

Brush the larger back section of the hair into a side ponytail and secure. Split the ponytail into two sections, twist and secure back onto the base hair with pins. Keep all stray ends tucked away and then spray the hair till secure.

French braid across the hairline and curve when you get to the ear to be able to place the rest of the hair back up over the parting of the hair. If your hair doesn’t cover all of the parting, bring it back to pin into the bun. Once secure with pins, comb down any stray hairs and spray to finalise the look.

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