Stocking filler ideas for Christmas

Paint a racing car

Paint a racing car - Credit: Archant

Filling a stocking can be more difficult than you’d think, but we’ve hand picked a range of budget to luxury gifts to give to your loved ones this Christmas

Pug necklace

Pug necklace - Credit: Archant

Love a Pug Necklace, £30

This handmade silver Pug Necklace is a perfect gift for any dog lover. The necklace is made from Tibetan silver in Cornwall so each necklace is unique.

White chocolate polar bear

White chocolate polar bear - Credit: Archant

White chocolate polar bear, £7.95

A truly loveable winter character made by hand from creamy Swiss white chocolate, featuring an adorable hand-brushed coat and dark chocolate eyes and nose.

Vegetable peeler

Vegetable peeler - Credit: Archant

Soothing ‘Bath Tea’ Infusion, £12.95

The antidote to beauty products containing harsh chemicals, these soothing ‘teabags’ are stuffed with natural ingredients to calm, heal and restore dry and irritated skin. Each box contains 3 tea infusions – just add them to your bath for the ultimate relaxing soak.

Silver snaffle bracelet

Silver snaffle bracelet - Credit: Archant

Luckies Karoto Vegetable Peeler, £9.95

Add some excitement to your cooking with this ingenious gadget. The Karoto is a giant pencil sharpener-shaped peeler, perfect for carrots, courgettes, parsnips and cucumbers and the peelings are great for adding to salads.

Paint a racing car

Paint a racing car - Credit: Archant

Silver snaffle bracelet (also in yellow gold), £105

There are certain designs that never go out of style, and this sterling silver snaffle bracelet is one piece of jewellery that will last for years to come.

Red bus pass holder

Red bus pass holder - Credit: Archant

Racecar build and paint, £3 out Lewis Hamilton! Build your own wooden race car then paint and get ready to race. 3. 2. 1. Go!

Buss pass holder and purse, £16

Indulge your inner child with a fun and memorable purse shaped like a traditional British double decker bus.

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