Makeup designed specifically for the over-40 woman

Grace Fodor, creater of Studio 10 cosmetics. Photo: Tom Watson

Grace Fodor, creater of Studio 10 cosmetics. Photo: Tom Watson - Credit: Archant

Pro-age activist and beauty specialist Grace Fodor has launched a cosmetics collection designed to suit the specific needs of women heading past 40

The collection is designed to reduce the stress of choosing makeup and applying it

The collection is designed to reduce the stress of choosing makeup and applying it - Credit: Archant

The term ‘middle aged’ is one that really rather riles Grace Fodor, founder of Studio 10 beauty. Having spent many years of her life working in makeup product development in the incredibly fast-moving beauty industry, as she reached 50, she became increasingly frustrated by assumptions made about her by other people and by the brands she had used for years.

‘If the currency of beauty is youth, how is that supposed to make us feel?’ she says? ‘I worked in the beauty industry for years and over time it became clear that, when it comes to makeup, there are no products specifically designed with the more mature skin in mind. And nobody really listening to what women really want.

‘In my research I found that most women over 40 are actually intimidated by the sheer volume of makeup on the shelves – most brands will have over 4000 SKUs – and by the sudden complexity of how we’re supposed to wear it.’

Frustrated by an industry that seems to have closed its eyes to the needs of older women, Grace set about creating her own makeup range, ‘pro-age makeup collection for mature skins’, considering both formulation and application.

“I call myself a pro-age activist; I won’t use the term anti-aging on anything – if you chase the Holy Grail of youth you will never achieve it. Honestly, aging is a privilege and one denied too many. We should celebrate and be celebrated, but we’re not. Makeup then can be a huge confidence boost for women feeling the pressures of aging. But who, really, has time to spend going through the full rigmarole so many influencers would have us believe vital? When I developed my collection, I ensured the formulation for every product supported aging skin and feels fabulous to apply. I also wanted to just make it all easy – just slap it on and go. I’m not interested in ‘fashion’ shades or techniques, but in creating a range that allows women to create a quick, simple routine that takes up no time at all but makes all the difference to how they feel.”

The absolute hero of Grace’s collection has to be her Youth Lift Glow-Plexion; a multi-tasking delight that not only primes skin for any application of foundation, but delivers a glow-from-within effect from the addition of a light golden sheen, while Hyaluronic Acid helps keep skin hydrated. It can be used as a standalone, as a primer, across cheekbones as a highlighter or indeed mix with your body lotion for an all-over glow.

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‘I want to make the application of makeup simple, so multitasking products are really important to me. I have developed the collection around a simple four-step process: Prime, Perfect, Shape and Shade. Priming the skin is increasingly important as we age, as our skin texture changes, so a good primer allows for smooth application of foundation – the ‘perfect’ step. A lot of women’s skin starts to show signs of damage – pigment spots from sun damage, for example, so a light, moisturising foundation will even all that out. For a lot of women this is enough, and for some lucky ladies it’s not even necessary. My Age Repair Perfect Canvas Foundation has been created as a light, smooth cream that has a luscious, moisturising texture and is easy to buff onto skin with a brush.’

Shape is about giving ‘a bit of definition’, Grace says, and is all about the eyes; a brow pencil that couldn’t be easier to use and a soft-as-soft eyeliner in a warm chocolate shade that flatters and glides on with gentle ease. Finish with a slick of mascara with a formula that conditions as well as darkens and lifts.

Lip Perfecting Plumping Gloss

Lip Perfecting Plumping Gloss - Credit: Archant

The final step, Shade, gives cheeks and lips a flush of colour, in carefully curated shades designed to flatter older skin, which has a tendency to wash out a little.

To overcome any concerns over how to apply everything, Grace has guides and videos on her website, allowing you to practice and make perfect.

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