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With Morgan Elliott Richards of Collen & Clare, Southwold

With Morgan Elliott Richards, manager of Collen & Clare, Southwold

Why have you chosen these clothes for the photoshoot?You never know what the Southwold weather is going to throw at you so layers are always a good idea. This is my take on the spring 2010 story ‘Utility Chic’, I’m wearing a Pepe gold parka, James Twiggy white jeans, Hunter Original wellies in tobacco and several layers of American Vintage t-shirts and shirts.

Are they typical of your day-to-day wear?As soon as there is a hint of spring I change my blue jeans for white ones! I have at least three pairs so I don’t fret about them getting dirty. They just feel so fresh after a very grey long winter and seem to go with everything from spring knits to wellies.

If money was no object what would you wear?Diamonds!

What’s the most outlandish outfit in your wardrobe?I have a stunning Vivienne Westwood black dress that I bought for my 40th birthday, it was hideously expensive but I felt a million dollars in it. 

 Where do you buy your underwear?Where else but Collen & Clare! We have qualified bra fitters in store, of which I am one, I have a certificate on the wall to prove it! So there is no excuse for an ill fitting bra.

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Do you judge people by their clothes?I think clothes are a visual shorthand. I was a costume designer/stylist for 20 years before coming to C&C so I always ask customers what ‘job’ they want their clothes to do for them. Clothes must always ‘work’ for you!

Do you have a style role model?It has to be Margaret Howell for pared down everyday simple chic. She also shares a love of Suffolk and Cornwall, my two favourite places in the world.

Are the current crop of style makeover television programmes provocative and interesting, or bitchy and pointless?I like the ones that show what a difference clothes can make to a person’s confidence, but as soon as they start going down the surgery route I switch off.

Is there anyone in the public eye crying out for a makeover?It’s a bit mean to single out an individual, but there is a very long list of politicians that could do with a bit of help.

Do you have an exercise routine?Two Parsons Jack Russells and walking to and from work each day helps, which is heaven after years of commuting to and from London. Deep breaths of the fresh sea air is enough for me. 

Who cuts your hair and how often?I used to go back to Michela at Soho Base in London but he went back to Italy to find himself! I’ve now discovered Dolly who can be found at The Cut Above in Southwold.

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