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With kindergarten principal Andrea Lewison

With kindergarten principal Andrea Lewison

Why have you chosen these clothes for the photoshoot?Linen is always my favourite choice for spring/summer because of its versatility; it can be dressed up or down. I like to accessorise all my outfits with chunky jewellery and gorgeous shoes and handbags. The shoes are just a bit of fun!

Are they typical of your day to day wear?The kindergartens are very busy so I always choose something that will take me though the day – from playing with the children, liaising with parents and having meetings! It is important that what I wear is comfortable and stylish; I like lots of different colours and textures and create my own style. I’m equally as happy in my jeans pursuing my passion for floristry or going to the Lavender Hall Kindergarten allotment, where we take the children to experience the outdoors, grow our own fruit and veg whilst having fun and getting muddy!!!

If money was no object what would you wear?I would have walk-in wardrobes full of haute couture evening dresses in bright, vibrant and luxurious fabrics with such fabulous designs that made me feel belle of the ball. All my shoes would be Christian Louboutin with a few Manolo Blahniks thrown in.

What’s the most outlandish thing in your wardrobe?I have an eclectic collection in my wardrobe ranging from my fake fur zebra skin trousers or my fake fur leopard skin skirt and jacket (yes, there is a lot of fur!) to my multi coloured Moschino coat  (last time I was walking down Bond Street I did get a verse from Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat).  It’s basically an Aladdin’s cave.

Where do you buy your underwear?Underwear is really important to me. I believe beauty comes from the inside out and to feel properly dressed one should always have a matching set of beautifully finished and sexy underwear. I don’t have a particular place that I head for, I just buy as and when I see something lovely. If I’m feeling extravagant and want a special treat, I go to Rigby and Peller.

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Do you judge people by their clothes?No, but I feel clothes are a reflection of people’s personalities and what they are trying to portray. Often people let you know how they are feeling by what they are wearing. I’m interested in clothes so I am always looking and learning and appreciate it when someone’s looking lovely.

Do you have a style role model?I have many, but my favourites are Ralph Lauren for his amazing classic traditional style coupled with his choice of fabrics, to Coco Chanel for her beautiful designs, and Audrey Hepburn because Breakfast at Tiffany’s is just simply my favorite film.

Are the current crop of style makeover television programmes provocative and interesting or bitchy and pointless? I think they are provocative and interesting. I started my working life  in London as a fashion consultant. The idea was to find out each and every woman’s personality and bring that out in her wardrobe to make her feel confident and happy. Not everyone knows how to do that.  It sometimes doesn’t come naturally.  It was a fabulous job that I enjoyed thoroughly.

Who cuts your hair and how often?Recently I had my hair done at the Curly Girl Salon in New York. My hair is naturally red, and very wild and curly. It was very interesting as they cut your hair dry. But as a rule I have my hair done in Suffolk by Vivienne Doyle. She’s fantastic and very up to the moment.

Do you have an exercise routine?My girls at Lavender Hall Kindergarten and myself have got a great team together to run the Race for Life for Cancer Research. We are all training and are getting a good team spirit going.Cancer Research is my charity and I have enjoyed being an ambassador and fundraiser for them for many years.

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