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ARE YOU a January-gym-bunny? So many of us start the new year on a health kick with clean eating and regular exercise, however good habits often fade within a few weeks. Thankfully we have some experts on hand to help get you motivated for summer, so you can sizzle on the sand with confidence

‘For me one of the biggest motivators to get fit is the change in weather’, admits Joe Stoker, director of Gold Standard Personal Training (GSPT). He continues: ‘A countdown to a big event is another key instigator in pushing people to start working out. For example a holiday gives a specific goal with a deadline to work towards, making you head to the gym sooner rather than putting it off for another week or month.’

GSPT is a studio based in Loughton, which specialises in everything from weight loss to strength and conditioning. A team of nine dedicated trainers offer one-to-one personal training sessions or small group classes of between 4-8 people, to help motivate and educate you to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Prices start from £8 per session, making GSPT beneficial to both your body and your bank balance.

However, dropping inches cannot be achieved by sweating in the gym alone. Healthy eating is key to reducing fat and consequently losing weight. To start seeing results you should ‘cut out sugar, drink plenty of water, and practice a good balance of healthy eating and exercise,’ says Sandra Bickmore, owner of Corefit Pilates.

Suitable for men and women, Pilates promises to increase fitness and create a more lean and toned body. It is also said to improve posture and reduce your risk of injury. Classes are run from a brand new studio based in Buckhurst Hill, which is the ideal location for those who have reservations about joining a gym. Sandra believes in small and personal classes to help put participants at ease and ensure that your full focus is on getting fit!

‘The world of getting fit and losing weight can be overwhelming at first, but it is important to find the right programme and routine that works best for you. Ensure you start each day with a high protein and fat breakfast, such as meat and nuts. A breakfast of steak and almonds is a must for both males and females,’ Joe recommends. He continues: ‘It will make a huge impact on dropping body fat and weight before the summer. It will also improve body composition, give you more energy and reduce cravings later in the day.’

Another top tip is to work on one habit at a time. ‘Finding your weak spots and mastering a change is the true key to any successful transformation,’ says Joe. ‘Research shows that by sticking to changing one habit at a time, your chances of mastering that habit is 80% and by trying two at the same time, the likelihood that you will succeed is reduced to just to 35%. Take your time and be patient. You will not have arms as toned as Cameron Diaz or be ready to race Mo Farrah over-night, so take your training one step at a time as every small achievement will contribute to your main goal.’

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