Surprising healthy eating tips to reduce stomach fat

Judy Benoit Milner, managing director of Skinni Chilli

Judy Benoit Milner, managing director of Skinni Chilli - Credit: Archant

We discussed ways to reduce belly fat with managing director of Skinni Chilli, Judy Benoit Milner. These tips for reducing belly fat will leave you in good stead for your New Year’s diet.

Reducing tummy fat can be a pain

Reducing tummy fat can be a pain - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

AVOID EXCESS SUGAR – We need just 2 teaspoons of sugar/glucose to provide us with enough energy to get us through the day. Usually sourced from our fruit and veg, we are surrounded by sweetened drinks and confectionery that cause our Insulin (blood sugar regulator hormone) to save excess energy in the form of FAT.

You might be surprised to know that many fruits and starch based food also elevate glucose in the blood so potatoes, bread, rice and pasta can increase body fat too.

So what do you do about it? Increase your green vegetable intake and stick to fresh berries for fruit. Replace potatoes with orange flesh sweet potatoes, replace pasta with spiralised veg such as courgettes, carrots or butternut squash (available ready cut in supermarkets). Finally, wean yourself off of sweetened drinks, go sugar free in tea, coffee and juice.

EAT HEALTHY FATS – Following years of seeking low fat foods to reduce our cholesterol levels, now we are being told to eat healthy fats but isn’t fat just a fat? Yes, if you are counting calories but in terms of health, not all fats are equal. Natural fats such as seed oils like olive, coconut, rapeseed are said to help curb your appetite because foods rich in protein and fats take longer to metabolise, keeping you full longer. Healthy fats are also said to reduce cholesterol, prevents strokes, fight osteoporosis and reduce the risks of cancer.

So what are bad fats? Repeatedly used deep fried oils in fast food shops are certainly bad for you. The reason for this is that the molecular structure of many oils significantly change with heat and effectively becomes a TRANS FAT, the worse kind of fat that is agreed to be the cause of arterial plaque clogging our arteries and leads to Coronary disease. It is best to avoid man-made solid fats such as margarine of any kind, stick to the natural stuff like butter.

All in all, eating less sugars/glucose based foods and replace it with fresh and natural foods rich in natural oils will help you to stay full longer and the best benefit is, it significantly reduces belly fat.

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