How planting trees is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to reduce your carbon footprint 

Growing plant in human hands over green background, for Bowhayes Trees planting packages in Devon

Planting trees is the cheapest and easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint and help you make a difference to the climate. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

With temperatures rising and climate change at the forefront of the government agenda, what steps can you take to support the planet?

Fiona Hughes, owner of Bowhayes Trees in Devon, shares how planting trees is one of the easiest and cheapest ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint. He also reveals the most effective trees for combatting climate change.

Q: How can I help tackle climate change and improve the environment?

A: Many people believe that their actions won't make a big enough difference, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Planting trees is one of the simplest and most budget-friendly ways of reducing CO2 emissions, and it can benefit the planet in so many other ways.

Fast-growing trees quickly remove carbon from the atmosphere, and long-living trees will store carbon for the entirety of their life span, and both should be key considerations when choosing suitable trees to plant for our future. Not only that, trees are great for improving the local and global environment and boosting mental wellbeing.

Group of people plant a tree together outdoors as a community for Bowhayes Trees nursery planting initiative in Devon

Get involved with your friends and the community to plant trees for 'The Queen's Green Canopy' in 2022 and help create a healthier and cleaner environment. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Q: What are the benefits of planting trees in my garden or local community?

A: These are six reasons why I believe you should get tree-planting in 2022: 

  • The most apparent benefit is carbon emissions - all trees and plants absorb CO2, which will reduce the carbon in the atmosphere. 

  • Trees are fantastic for removing chemical pollutants and improving air quality. 

  • Particularly in urbanised areas, where temperatures are reaching an all-time high, planting trees is a great way to reduce temperatures by creating a canopy and creating shelter from the sun's rays. 

  • Planting trees provides both habitat and food for local wildlife to flourish. 

  • The root systems in trees hold the land and banks together, combatting erosion and reducing flooding. The roots absorb moisture from the soil to combat waterlogging.

  • They look beautiful and drastically improve the landscape and our mental wellbeing.

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Q: What are the best trees to plant in my garden for the environment?

A: Trees with broad leaves and an overall larger surface area are the most efficient at absorbing carbon by maximising photosynthesis. We strongly recommend planting native species; this reduces air miles, limits the spread of disease, gives the trees a better opportunity to thrive in our soil, and supports our local wildlife. 

For smaller gardens, I'd recommend species such as hazel, hawthorn, goat willow and crab-apple. 

Medium-sized spaces such as bigger gardens or small parks and community areas will accommodate slightly larger trees such as field maple, rowan, wild cherry and silver birch.

If you have the luxury of optimum space, then oak, beech and maple trees will have the most significant impact on improving the environment.

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Bowhayes Trees offer various planting packages of young and mature trees to suit your budget and size of garden or space. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Q: I want to become more eco-friendly and fight climate change, but don't know where to start?

A: At Bowhayes Trees we have created a variety of planting packages to help you get started, each suited to your space and budget, and we've thrown in free root grow and a helpful planting guide with every kit.

Why not get involved in ‘The Queen's Green Canopy' in 2022? This is a fantastic initiative founded for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Hundreds of people have already been busy planting to mark this commemorative year and adding their photos to an online virtual map.

We're encouraging people and communities to get involved together and make a difference to the environment. Our staff are on-hand to offer expert advice on planting queries to help you on your way.

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