Anuka - the Tarporley jewellery brand made with a conscience

Anuka focuses on clean and contemporary designs

Anuka focuses on clean and contemporary designs - Credit: Archant

Is your jewellery collection sustainable?

Francesca Kippax, founder of Anuka

Francesca Kippax, founder of Anuka - Credit: Archant

Do you know where your favourite silver necklace was made? Can you trace its creation back to the very beginning? Most of the time, the answer is no, which is why sustainable and ethical jewellery is in the spotlight right now. Consumers are becoming more aware of where their clothes are coming from, but it’s time to turn that gaze to those little accessories that are often overlooked. Designers are creating jewellery collections made from recycled metals, or selling pre-loved pieces. In simple terms, ethical jewellery is jewellery that is fully traceable to its source, leaving no negative social or environmental impact. That can mean it’s made using Fairtrade materials you can trace to their source, or uses recycled materials, and is not made using practices that pollute or negatively impact the environment. Shopping for sustainable and ethical jewellery is a lot easier when companies such as Anuka, a jewellery brand based in Tarporley, create stunning pieces to be treasured for years to come. Founder Francesca Kippax says: ‘There is something so satisfying about starting with the raw silver or gold, forming and shaping it, and polishing it into a finished product. Being able to create jewellery that will be truly sentimental, and going on a journey with the client, learning why they are buying from my collections is a wonderful feeling.’

When asked why it’s important to create sustainable and ethical jewellery,

Francesca says she wants to support the momentum towards conscious consumerism. ‘When there are better alternative methods and materials available, they should be used without a second thought. We all need to do better, no matter the industry you are in, and especially in the current climate crisis. It is important, now more than ever, for businesses to be held accountable, to be transparent and to be actively working on leaving a positive impact on the world.’

Having spent time in Vietnam in her early 20’s, Francesca witnessed first-hand how our buying decisions impact other cultures. ‘Immersing myself in another culture gave me the opportunity and time to grow as an individual, but I also grew to understand what was important to me. My time in Vietnam influenced my thinking about the wider impact I would be having as a business owner.’

Anuka is a sustainable jewellery brand

Anuka is a sustainable jewellery brand - Credit: Archant

Francesca prides herself on being transparent and letting customers know exactly how their jewellery is created. ‘We tend to think more about the origins of our food, and now questions are being asked surrounding our clothing, but few think about where their jewellery was made. I wanted to give all my customers the reassurance that their jewellery was crafted ethically and sustainably, which is why I’m so proud to be the first jewellery brand to partner with Provenance, which focuses on building trust with customers.’

Anuka jewellery collections are inspired by form and texture, whether it’s from the undulating natural landscape, or the clean lines of the urban environments.

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Though jewellery does follow trends – and at the moment we’re seeing more white and yellow gold, statement earrings and layered necklaces – it’s always best to invest in timeless pieces. ‘I think that a timeless design that is clean and contemporary will always be in fashion. I choose to follow the words of Vivienne Westwood: “buy less, choose well.”’

Koti Collection,

Koti Collection, - Credit: Archant