Take the stress out of buying swimwear with Somerset company Cozzie Matters

If you have ever despaired at the selection of swimwear available to you? Then read on for some top tips from Somerset company Cozzie Matters, who offer a personal shopping service to help you find your perfect swimsuit

Confidence at the Poolside Buying swimwear needn’t be a chore. Robyn Blurton from Somerset-based Cozzie Matters offers some helpful tips on how to put the fun back into buying a bathing suit.

For most of us, buying swimwear is singularly the most personal and uncomfortable experience ever. There’s nothing else you have to get that naked for. Underwear is different – we can cover that with clothes.

The female body comes in many different shapes and sizes, and very few of us profess to be happy with our lot. As with everything, we always want what we haven’t got – and bodies are no different.

Department store mass-purchasing, by someone who likes the look of the picture in the book, has compromised our choice. We all know about the tiny, ill-lit changing room, dreading to draw the curtain back to look in the full-length mirror outside, pretty young shop assistant gawping close by. And what do we do? We either grab the one that we saw earlier on the mannequin or “leave it for now, thanks”.

Most of us are comfortable with black. We all have the ‘little black dress’ at Christmas and the favourite ‘smart black trousers’ and it’s true that black can be very slimming. However, in our experience, where swimwear is concerned black is rarely the best choice. Why stick to black anyway when there are so many other fabulous colour options?

Fun vibrant prints, cup-size variants, body length options, alternative necklines and strap details are just a handful of factors that make perfect swimwear.

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Problem Tummies? Choose cleverly cut cozzies with flattering prints and ruching. Big Bust? Correct cup size is a must, but remember swimwear and bra sizing can be very different. Length? Do you know lots of swimwear is now available in body length variants? Heavy thighs? Confidence is everything; with the right swimsuit you will build self confidence. And you can always choose a matching sarong.

Somerset-based Cozzie Matters offers a unique and fresh approach to buying swimwear. The company aims to bring you superb quality, top-end products and a level of service reaching far beyond the High Street experience. With a comprehensive collection offering over 1000 pieces of hand-picked swimwear, from cozzies and wraps, to tankinis and bikinis, sizes 8-22, A-G Cup, Cozzie Matters has something for everyone.

With its Free Personal Shopping Service, Cozzie Matters will remove your pain by shopping their collection for you and sending you up to six pieces to try on in the comfort of your own home, without obligation. Simply visit us online at http://www.cozziematters.co.uk/ and complete our form with as much detail as possible. We will then follow up with a quick chat about your needs and send our hand-picked pieces directly to your door.

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