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Relax and enjoy with Dr Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik

Relax and enjoy with Dr Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik - Credit: Support VIT

It’s important to build some me-time into your busy life, says Suzie Abel, Jarrold’s beauty buyer.

Head aching? Shoulders tense? Little ones driving you potty, or want to scream at the screen when that next email pops up? Sound familiar? It does to me (not the little ones any more, but certainly the pesky emails!) At some time we all experience stress for many different reasons, and you just know that your body is telling you to relax and unwind...

Most people these days seem to have a busy schedule, whether it’s a career or looking after family members. Even retirees often find their days full with activities and “grandchildren-sitting”. So there is always the need to find some me-time and everyone has their favourite way to chill. It could be sport, walking or other physical exercise, gardening, or reading and listening to music. I enjoy some of these too but I have a favourite that always does the trick for me – a trip to a spa for a tension-relieving massage.

There’s nothing like a relaxing massage with pure aromatic essential oils to induce a sense of deep relaxation. It relieves the tension in any taut muscles and soothes both mind and body. The aromas that greet you when you step into the peaceful atmosphere of a spa are divine. My preferred treatment oils are from Tisserand – my favourite is their pre-blended Relax blend with Lavender – and Aveda – I love their aromatic massage oil with Stressfix.

A good therapist will welcome you, then sit you down to ask some key questions about your health and your needs before beginning any kind of treatment. The environment should be calm and tranquil, with ambient lighting and just the right level of tinkling music.

When I have enough time, I love to spend it with friends and we spoil ourselves from top to toe - adding facials, waxing and spray-tanning to our girly pamper day. A facial leaves the skin feeling unbelievably clean, fresh and revitalised; waxing is the longest lasting hair removal treatment, lasting up to six weeks; and a professional spray-tan lets you walk in the door looking like you need a holiday and walk out like you’ve just had one!

I’m so lucky that we have our very own spa here in the store – a Thai-inspired sensory haven called the Retreat. It’s our hidden gem, tucked away underneath the Beauty Hall. If you haven’t discovered it yet, do pop in and let us show you round. Completely sound-proofed, our luxurious suite of beauty and treatment rooms are just waiting to “chase all your cares away”

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