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Vicki Allen

Vicki Allen - Credit: Archant

What we do?

We are a typical boutique. Small and intimate with an eclectic mix of fashions and fabulous accessories. Personal service is key and an honest opinion is offered.

Who we do it for?

The business is aimed at the forever 50s who want to look fashionable but not sacrifice comfort. Having always had a less-than-perfect figure and just turned 50 myself, I appreciate how difficult it can be to find modern clothes that fit my ever changing shape.

What makes us special?

Apart from our unrivalled level of service, we focus on the individual. Clothes are a part of our personality and we endeavour to encourage our customers to try something new. It is not just about the clothes. The team works hard to ensure that the right garment is sold to the right customer.

How we got started

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I used to work in this shop, however it was growing up with a very glamorous mum that instilled my instinct for fashion. As a teenager I completed a few weeks’ work experience in a boutique in Altrincham, and I was hooked.

Business person I most admire

Richard Branson - for his diverse business interests. Always trying something new and taking on the establishment which was highlighted in his battle with British Airways.

My right hand man is my husband, Dave. I have a great team of staff, but I make all the business decisions concerning buying, marketing, merchandising, accounting and administration to name a few. Keeping abreast of all the bureaucracy is a job in itself. It is sometimes a heavy load to bear which would be all the more difficult without Dave’s unwavering help, advice and support.

Secret of our success

Not being introspective. Keeping an eye on competitors, in a healthy way. Listening to and appreciating our customers. Having the courage of my convictions.

My business philosophy/top tip

The same tip my godmother gave to me - make sure you take time out for yourself. I am fortunate enough to love what I do but I make sure that I do not work on a Sunday and I try to take a day off during the week. Work hard and play hard!

When I’m not working

I like to travel, think about travelling, read about travelling. Sailing is a dream at the moment. I love being outdoors. Otherwise good food, nice wine and great company is a real tonic.

My next move

Having spent the past decade sailing around the world and then re-building a house which we have only just completed, I am having a break from any plans and ambitions. This is a year for taking stock.

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