The 3-month body blitz countdown


Lucy - Credit: Archant

The final crunch for Jason and Lucy - who’s gained what? The body blitz countdown


Jason - Credit: Archant

Lucy’s final conclusion

Lucy - The journey has been really successful in my eyes because I have managed to loose stubborn fat, which I have been trying to target for a while now. As a result of this fat loss I’ve progressed with a lot of my moves, but most notably my strict pull ups where I went from being able to do zero to now being able to do four in a row.


Lucy - I was quite worried about being hungry and feeling restricted during this time, however I don’t even feel like I’m on a ‘diet’ or ‘program’ it is all coming naturally to me. I’m just more informed about my food and making better decisions. I enjoy the food I eat and always feel content.

Paul – Lucy has achieved a considerable amount of improvement in her body composition. Much reduced body fat, water retention and muscle tone. She has also improved quality of movement, which results in increase efficiency equals increase work rate and work load equals results with body, mind and performance.

Changes made to aid Lucy’s fitness journey

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Lucy - My main change has been in my food and using it as fuel to support my training. Before I over ate sugar (both processed and natural) and I was eating far too much. Learning what works with my body when I train has really seen me progress, so I haven’t struggled to maintain my new healthier lifestyle.

Paul - Lucy has consistently turned up at the gym. She is motivated and disciplined with her nutrition. To obtain real long term results her training needs to remain consistent. Lucy is very determined to become a very good CrossFit athlete. She has an active social life, so keeping on top of the nutritional decisions, whilst enjoying herself, whilst going out is key. Good nutrition requires forward planning and preparation.

How will you keep stay motivated?

Lucy - It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t slightly nervous about stopping this; however I really do believe that the knowledge I have gained will mean that it will be hard to put my fat / weight back on. I will stay noticed by continuing my 4 - 5 training sessions a week, and continue to focus on my technique and weaknesses. I will use my improvements in focussing me to continue. The continued support of Paul, Sue and everyone in the Crossfit box will also help. We have a really nice community atmosphere and everyone really does support one another. Lastly I will continue to use my Instagram to post workouts, meals and progress photos to make myself accountable. As well as use my Fitness Pal app to continue to log my food so I can keep an eye on what I am eating and my WOD app to continue to take a note of my progress.

Paul - I know Lucy quite well now. I believe in the next 12 months she has the potential to become a very good athlete. Maybe 2017 will see Lucy become a competitive CrossFitter representing CF BattleBox.

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Jason’s final conclusion

Ian - It has been a pleasure to train Jason as he has taken my advice on board and altered his lifestyle to achieve his goals. He’s not only stayed focused on his personalised fitness plan and training days, but also on his tailor-made nutritional plan, which has led Jason to achieve his personal goals and gain his desired muscular physique.

Jason - I’ve enjoyed working with Ian - he has kept me motivated and has been that ‘person’ that listens and gives advice when the training or diet has been a little overwhelming. I am pleased with my overall results over the past twelve weeks and I’m happy with the approach we used; for example, I felt positive about losing body fat whilst increasing muscle and tone. I intend to continue with Ian’s help to increase my muscle size further whilst keeping my body fat minimal. Who knows, maybe I could even enter an over 40s fitness physique competition in the future?


Ian - The achievements have been phenomenal with respect to adapting a fitness program and nutritional plan around Jason’s lifestyle and goals. After changing and adapting some of Jason’s exercise techniques to create better form, combining that with fasted cardio on specific days has made a huge impact to his workouts. He has also been able to achieve his desired goals, using my guidance to lower his body fat, gain lean muscle and gain a more athletic physique.


Ian - Jason and I have been able to communicate what is working well for him, as well as his struggles during his fitness journey. This has enabled us to tweak his fitness and nutrition plan to ensure they are more beneficial for him. This has also kept Jason motivated knowing that when something is not working, it can be altered. Combined with Jason’s fitness and nutrition plans, I have also tailor-made a supplementation package, which ensures he is receiving the correct nutrients at the correct times.

Jason - Changing my diet has worked extremely well for my physique. I have found the whole ‘carb flexing’ a revolution and intend to continue with this and make it a lifestyle change not just a quick fit. It makes sense to modulate your carbohydrate intake to your activity levels to avoid storing excess body fat.

Changes made to aid Jason’s fitness journey

Ian - A major contributing factor that aided Jason’s fitness journey was to match his nutrition and recommended supplementation with his exercise program. I cannot stress enough the importance of good clean nutrition and specifically designed supplementation; without this you may be wasting your time and effort in the gym. Much of a good physique is made in the kitchen!

How will you keep Jason motivated?

Ian - Although Jason has reached his desired goals, this is not the end of his fitness journey. Myself and Jason will set new goals and track them. This may be to sustain his current physique or, as he mentioned, to enter a fitness competition. I will also be sending Jason my regular newsletters so that he feels fully engaged in the fitness world. Jason also reads my regular blog posts for tips and to stay motivated.

Body stats

Weight: 62kg

Body Fat: 10%

Muscle: 45.2

Visceral Fat: 6

BMI: 23

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