The logical approach to caring for your skin


The latest Mintel report says that 9 out of 10 women have one or more concerns<br/>about their appearance in general and their skin in particular. Therefore only 1 in 10<br/>women have no concerns.

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It's not surprising that most women worry about ageing, given the  negative messages that surround looking older.

There is increasing pressure on women to look forever young and the over-use of airbrushing really doesn't help anyone.

Thankfully the visibility of older 'natural' role models (like Helen Mirren) isrefreshing, as it shows that women can look good at all ages rather than try to achieve the unachievable.

If you want to follow the most natural route (i.e. by avoiding 'injectables' and cosmetic surgery) then the focus must be on enhancing and improving the health and vitality of your skin. The best results will be achieved using the best, scientifically proven, quality products which are properly matched to the changing needs of your skin.

A new approach to skincare In the UK we have more than 16,000 beauty salons providing beauty treatments to more than ten million women. In the UK, these beauty services are often centred around nails, waxing, manicures and eyebrows. It's about an immediate effect - a noticeable result.

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In Germany, things work a little differently. Women use 'cosmetic institutes' in much the same way as UK women attend their hairdressers. Cosmetic aestheticians in Germany approach beauty by starting at the foundations - the skin.

Skin aestheticians are trained to treat every skin type and skin condition as unique and to think about the problem before applying the solution.

In short, it's a combination of combining traditional hands-on therapy with powerful proven ingredients sourced from nature. For skincare  professionals in Germany, the logical choice is BABOR, a family owned business based in Aachen. BABOR has been looking after the skin of discerning German ladies for nearly 60 years and is considered the 'thinking therapists' first choice when it comes to great looking skin. For that reason it is the number one professional skincare brand in Germany (as well as the number two professional skincare brand in Europe)

In the BABOR facial, the most technical piece of equipment used is normally a magnifying mirror with a light. The rest is sheer therapist expertise and a tailored assortment of highly effective products.

skineffect - a unique skincare clinic in Altrincham

This German approach to skincare has been brought to life at skineffect in Altrincham. "At skineffect, our approach is to treat everyone as an individual. We like to take plenty of time with each person to find products which not only will address any concerns they have, but will also make sure that their skincare regime fits in with lifestyle and budget" says Jill , the owner of skineffect.

For £25, book yourself time with one of the aestheticians at skineffect and experience an approach which is totally focussed on you. This will include a 60 minute facial and skincare advice (with absolutely no pressure to buy anything) If you do, the £25 is fully redeemable against any products you purchase on the day of your treatment. Telephone 0161926 8814 to book your appointment.

39 Oxford Road, Altrincham,Cheshire WA14

Ask yourself these questions:

• Does your skin feel tight after cleansing?

• Do you need to use a toner?

• Is your skin dry because it is being stripped of natural oils?

• Do you vary your products throughout the year?

• Are your bathrooms cupboards full of products (and possibly out of date!)

• Is your daily skincare regime doing what you want it to do?

• Do you get skincare advice which you trust and with NO pressure to purchase?

Some interesting facts to reflect on:

1. £14 billion (source Mintel) is spent in the UK on beauty products.

2. 8/10 women have three or more skin concerns. Our concerns multiply with age.

3. The most common concerns are cellulite, stretch marks, crows' feet or fine lines, dry skin, spots and blemishes.

4. Dry skin was a major concern in all the age groups over 25 years.

5. Almost half of us like to touch and smell skincare products before purchase.

6. 4/10 women find shopping at a beauty counter intimidating.

7. Over 50% of women buy most of their skin care products off the shelf.

(Mintel survey of 982 females aged 16+)

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