Those little touches

Tunbridge Wells vintage boutique owner Paula Fry explains why the right accessories can make or break your outfit

Those little touches

Tunbridge Wells vintage boutique owner Paula Fry explains why the right accessories can make or break your outfit

I know I can bleat on about accessories sometimes (please don’t roll your eyes and turn over the page yet), but never has something so easy to wear been able to make such a difference to your outfit.

Your ‘go-to’ dress could be given a new lease of life with a brightly coloured belt and a bit of sparkle around your neck. Women sometimes shy away from adding accessories, fearing they will add too many or not get the combination right.

It’s not rocket science, so even if you think you’d get a ‘C’ minus in the style stakes, fear not, here are some basic rules to help you become teacher’s pet!

Wearing a ring, bracelet, necklace and brooch all with one outfit is accessories over load!  Pat Butcher is dead, along with large plastic earrings shaped like parrots. If you’re choosing to wear a large cocktail ring, then stick to just that.  If you’re wearing a brooch, remove your necklace.  Accessorising doesn’t always have to involve jewellery; a bright silk scarf can do wonders to lift the skin tone and brighten your eyes.  Buy the real deal - vintage silk scarves are cheap and you can get some great ‘Hermes’ look-a-likes. Silk is a must. We’ve discussed shoes before – they can make or break your outfit. Try not to match colours exactly. If you’re wearing a dark dress, get some bright colour on those tooties.  You should never be afraid to stand out - a little or quite a lot! Your handbag doesn’t need to match the colour of your coat. We’ve done handbags in detail girls so I’ll keep this short. If you can’t afford designer go for quality leather or a vintage skin.  Slouchy is great for casual, but if you want to be taken seriously, go for a constructed bag – think Hermes Kelly style or one of the wonderful satchels around on the High Street. Never underestimate the power of the belt. Skinny, wide, plaited, patent – get one in as many colours as you can. They are useful, won’t wear out, can update your look instantly and, importantly, give you shape. If you like hats, wear them! A tweed trilby never goes out of fashion and can save you from dreaded hair frizz in the rain.  If you wear one at a jaunty angle you can also look demure. It’s all about confidence.

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Accessorising is down to personal taste, too.  If you’re the woman who adores big, bold jewellery, then that’s part of who you are! It’s not wrong, just embrace it.  Fashion is all about fun. You don’t have to spend a fortune to treat yourself to some little bits of bling that give both you and your outfit a fashionable kick. 

If you don’t like wearing necklaces, for instance, then think about what you do like and how you can incorporate it into your signature look.  Whether you know it or not, everyone has one.

So, what’s yours going to be?

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