Top tips for beautiful skin

Take care of your skin with these tips

Take care of your skin with these tips - Credit: Getty Images

We have gathered tips for keeping clear and beautiful skin

Always wear sun protection

Of all the skin sins, soaking up the sun bare faced is the crux for many women. ‘One of the most important ways to prevent wrinkles and age spots is by protecting your skin with a good broad spectrum sunscreen which contains an SPF of 30,’ explains Sue Ali, advanced expert Endermologie practitioner and owner of Endermospa in Buckhurst Hill. ‘Make sure your protection blocks both harmful UVA and UVB rays and always ensure the label reads ‘noncomedogenic’ and ‘nonacnegenic’ as these products do not block the pores.’ Many skincare products such as moisturisers and foundations contain a high SPF and should be worn all year round. Remember, the sun can still cause damage to your skin even when competing with thick grey clouds.

Always take makeup off at night

We’ve all been guilty of getting home late and not having the energy to take off our makeup. But did you know that this can be extremely harmful for your skin and lead to spot breakouts? Tracey Williams, skin rejuvenation specialist and owner of Virginia Williams Studio in South Woodford says: ‘Sleeping in your makeup is a big no. It’s at night that your skin will replenish and repair from daytime damage, so you need to allow skin to breathe to give it the best chance to do so.’ There are many potions you can use to remove your makeup from oil-based to cream-based products, however if you’re short of time, reach for a good makeup wipe, otherwise you’ll wake up with more than a sore head the next morning.

Embrace a personalised skin regime

Everyone’s skin is unique, which is why products work differently depending on the individual. Your beauty regimen should reflect your skin type and be personal to you. Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, find the best product for your skin type and follow a strict routine in order to see lasting results.

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Healthy diet

‘I am a great believer in you are what you eat,’ says beauty salon owner, Evie Adams in Woodford Green. Your skin is testament to this statement. ‘Eating fresh fruit and vegetables gives your skin the micro nutrients required for a healthy, glowing complexion, coupled with a good skin care regime and salon treatment routine. Drink plenty of water to flush out any toxins and keep your skin hydrated, as the condition of your derma is directly affected by what you put into your body,’ she explains.

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