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We talk Lesley Reynolds from Harley Street Skin Clinic about the ultimate facelifts currently on the market.

We notice you have a range of different options available in Reigate practice. Which would you recommend for our readers who are afraid of going under the knife?

A lot of people don’t want to go under the knife for many different reasons which is completely understandable and also completely ok. There are still loads of procedures that exist without you having to take the full surgical route. We have a wonderful procedure called The French Lift which has been devised by Mr Peter Cumbo, our resident plastic surgeon. It is conducted under local anaesthetic only and leaves two hidden scars and there is less than two weeks downtime.


Which procedure offers the quickest results?

Our most popular treatment at the moment is called ‘The Silhouette Soft Lift’ - dubbed ‘The most discreet and effective facelift EVER’ by The Daily Mail and it’s so quick you can do it in your lunch hour. It only takes about 40 minutes, it’s virtually painless, minimally-invasive and the results are instant, so you can go back to your normal life straight away. We have actually had clients who have nipped over to the clinic during their lunch break, had their ‘Lunchtime Facelift’ and gone straight back to work. The nickname is well-deserved!


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And the quickest recovery?

Again, The Silhouette Soft Lift… for a couple of days only following the treatment, you need to take care. You can wear Mineral make-up, as that gives all the coverage you will need. Plus no saunas, no contact sport and no dental surgery - all of which is not a problem for most people. The hardest part of the whole thing is probably that you have to sleep on your back for 5 nights... but that’s the best position to eliminate wrinkles anyway!


Which is currently the most popular treatment in Surrey?

There tends to always be a ‘must have’ treatment that we get people asking for. But it changes from time to time… just like fashion trends do.

At the moment the most popular treatments for the face are the Soft Lift (as above) or Viora Reaction which is a very easy, painless and non-invasive way to tighten up the jawline. And Botox and fillers of course, because a good doctor...someone who really understands the skeletal muscle structure of the face...can work wonders with these two products. Here at the Clinic we have a very light touch so you will still look like you...just better!


What advice would you offer to the readers who are considering a treatment but don’t know which one to opt for?

Come and talk to us. We will give you an honest opinion of what is, and is not, needed. Together we can talk about what the options are, and the best way forward.



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