WAGS Summer Fashion

Jo Haywood has some wardrobe suggestions if you're following your footie fella to the South African sun

1. Vivienne Westwood takes her inspiration for this stunning dress, �425 from Anglomania, from bold exotic blooms (much like her good self)

2. Be a perfect pretty Polly in this Green Parrot top, �95, from Very

3. Don’t even think of wearing this gorgeously gaudy Diane Von Furstenberg Calida Tropical dress, �295 from Cruise, without a tan

4. This Rox triangle bikini, �50 from Oli, really rocks

5. Great colour and even better embellishment make this Aari dress, �60 from Monsoon, an absolute winner

6. Jungle cut-out sandal, �115 from Dune

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7. Everyone has their beady eye on a beady bag like this for summer - �24.99 from River Island

8. The words ‘brown’ and ‘espadrilles’ don’t usually fill us with excitement, but we’re willing to make an exception for these Miu Miu wedges, �255 from Cruise

9. Highly decorative (to the point where it teeters on bad taste but doesn’t quite fall in) Safari Stone clutch, �30 from Accessorize

10. Christian Louboutin Hola Lita Leopard sandal, �305 at Cruise

Stockists’ informationAnglomania: 0161 835 2228; www.hervia.comVery: 08448 222 321; www.very.co.ukCruise: 0844 800 4622; www.cuisefashion.co.ukOli: 0844 55 65 654; www.oli.co.ukMonsoon: 0844 811 0069; www.monsoon.co.ukDune: www.dune.co.uk River Island: 0208 991 4904; www.riverisland.comAccessorize: 0844 811 0068; www.accessorize.co.uk

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