Wedding beauty experts advise on how to look good for the big day


The wedding beauty experts are here to help you achieve your very best for that most important of occasions

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Everyone wants to look good on their wedding day whatever their age and size and in the run up to the wedding, the bride, bridesmaids and everyone in the bridal party who is going to be “on parade” starts to think about how they can give nature a helping hand to look their very best on the big day…

The Bride and BridesmaidsTypically, for the bride, this starts with first stage panic of trying on dresses… at this point, she is bound to be thinking “oh my gosh I must go on a diet”, or “I like this dress, but I’d like to buy it a size smaller!”At this stage, it’s usually all about waist and hips, and how to fit in that smaller more fitted dress…. This kind of panic usually comes a couple of months down the line for the bridesmaids, when they realise what the bride is planning on putting them into!

Perfect for these sorts of concerns is Endermologie Body Contouring Treatments, which can be tailored to fit, whether you are an apple shape and need help defining your waistline, or a pear shape who needs helpslimming down hip and thigh area.

If you are lucky enough to already be the size you want to be, that panic may come much closer to honeymoon time, as you realise that flashing the flesh on the beach, in the dreaded bikini debut is fast approaching.

The body contouring treatments can help you tone up, but there are also skin firming, and cellulite programmes that can help you get your perfect honeymoon body. Once the body concerns are in hand, the bride then starts to think ‘blushing bride’ and ‘how do I get perfect skin for my wedding day?’

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The good news is that there are several treatments out there for faces that can make a real, significant, and more importantly, visible difference. For the younger bride, who is not really exhibiting any of those pesky signs of ageing, but who just wants to look radiant, the facial of choice should be the Endermolift Glowing Complexion Lift. This treatment is a deeply relaxing treatment to revive tired, dull complexions, which boosts microcirculation by oxygenating the skin tissue for a soft, radiant and glowing complexion.

Sparkle  Skin Clinic, is home to the new Skin Peel range “Acebo by  Sparkle Skin” that is taking the industry by storm, their unique skin peels and product range are set to be the next breakthrough in Aesthetic Treatments and can alleviate a multitude of skin conditions as well as allow your skin to finally have that flawless glow, texture and tone, that every bride dreams of.

For the more mature bride a course of CACI non-surgical facials is the perfect answer to glowing skin, with an extra lift in on the jawline, cheekbone and eye brow  area, and as an added bonus, you get yourlines and wrinkles softened off for free!

The Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the GroomFor the Mother of the Bride, and the Mother of the Groom, an Endermologie Inch Loss and Firming treatment can help that all importantoutfit glide on with ease, and make the most of a womanly figure.

And the brand new treatment from CACI – the CACI Jowl Lift has just arrived in Cheshire at The Original Cheshire CACI Clinic in Sale, and at the Knutsford Day Spa. The jowl lift is a fantastic express treatment that really targets skin tissue and muscle that has dropped during the ageing process. This is a fantastic and fast acting treatment to give significant lift and tone on the jowl area, which is one of the most difficult areas to lift.

Finally, if line and wrinkle is the bigger concern, try either the CACI  Wrinkle Revolution Treatment, or the Endermolift Deep Wrinkle Treatment – both of which are fantastic at softening off and visibly improving more established lines and wrinkles.

Finishing TouchesKnutsford Medi and Beauty Spa offer a bridal facial with micro dermabrasion and oxygen to reduce pores and blackheads and improvepigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and any acne scarring, leaving skin with a healthy glow. Brides can also enjoy an extensive range of treatments including HD brows, make up lessons and no-chip manicures.

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