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Joe Stoker owner at the newly established fitness centre, Loughton Movement Clinic explains why great bodies are made in darker months and why our health is our greatest wealth

Who are you?

A man on a mission to help as many people move more, perform better and only get the best results possible.

Why do you do what you do?

I’m in a fortunate position to have had a positive influence on a lot of people, by improving their health, body and mindset. This allows me to be happy knowing that I’m making a difference everyday to my clients.

Can you share your fitness regime?

I work 16 hour days so my training regime is based around blocks of training. They tend to last 5-15 minutes at a time throughout the day where I block of slots, which allows me to focus on specific aspects, mobility, core, handstands, gymnastic rings or bodyweight movements. My aim is to master certain skills, whilst I enjoy practising them.

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Why should fitness be for life?

At the end of the day ‘health is our greatest wealth’. You spend the majority of your life working, trying to earn a living, but without being able to move pain free, feel energised, full of life and being comfortable in your skin, what is life about. This is a perfect example to me that shows the importance of what fitness can bring to anyone.

Why should people introduce Loughton Movement Clinic into their fitness regime?

The essential process people need to go through when they come to the clinic is an assessment, improving movement refining and learning skill work, great coaching based on the individual and their lifestyle. Then there will be a more in depth approach, which helps me to help you achieve your dream.

What are the benefits?

Each client is part of the clinic rather just a than number. We thrive on people achieving their goals and they will feel younger, more mobile, full of energy and will look great!

How do you keep your clients focussed on their goals this season?

My clients know great bodies are made in the darker months! When people want to sleep in or miss a session, my clients know they will be two steps ahead of them and that is what motivates them to put in the work whilst others don’t.

Who is your inspiration?

My clients. Everyone of them face their own struggles, but over the course of them working with us, they exceed their expectations, push through barriers and accomplish some amazing things.

What is your biggest achievement in your career to date?

Very hard to choose from setting up a successful PT Studio Gold Standard Personal Training, fitness retreats in Marbella. However, I do believe Loughton Movement Clinic will be the biggest achievement because it is a solution to any area to provide fitness for those in need of help and advice.

What’s next for you at Loughton Movement Clinic?

Keeping my promise to deliver consistent quality content to people on a daily basis and leaving a legacy of making an impact on our local communities health.


Loughton Movement Clinic

2 Ambrose House

Old Station Road


IG10 4PE


Quick Fire:

•What’s your food heaven? Steak

•What’s your guiltiest pleasure? Classical music

•Gadget must-have? My iPad

•Favourite sports clothing brand? Gymshark

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