Ask a doctor: How to tailor your skincare to your age 

The Skin Clinic Company team are highly qualified in performing bespoke skincare treatment tailored to your individual needs.

Dr Tara and her team are highly qualified in performing bespoke skincare treatment tailored to your individual needs. - Credit: The Skin Clinic Company

Are you using the right skincare for your age? 

If you’re wondering what you can do to keep your skin looking its best, Dr Tara Kidd from The Skin Clinic Company, shares her expertise on what products we can use to treat concerns as we age. 

Your 20s 

For teenagers entering their 20s, this is a crucial time to begin a skincare routine. “Hydration and sun protection are two absolute necessities, to prevent future damage and maintain the skin’s elasticity,” Dr Tara says. 

“Sun Protection Factor (SPF) should be worn all-year round, although sun exposure is still important to absorb Vitamin D and promote bone health,” she advises. Dr Tara recommends the Heliocare gel-free SPF, that’s suitable for all skin types, including acne prone skin. She also suggests using hyaluronic acid to retain moisture within the skin. 

Dr Tara Kidd from The Skin Clinic Company advising her patient on treatments to treat her concerns.

The Skin Clinic Company can advise you on different treatments to care for you skin and treat concerns as you age. - Credit: The Skin Clinic Company

Your 30s 

“Up to your mid-30s, skin damage is predominantly a result of sun exposure, affecting collagen production,” Dr Tara explains. Reduced collagen production causes deep lines and skin sagging, so treatments that plump and revive the skin are essential. 

Percutaneous Induction Needling is a chemical peel treatment performed at The Skin Clinic Company to help with this. 

Vitamin C works to brighten, hydrate and revive dull and tired skin. Dr Tara recommends any products containing L-ascorbic acid, a potent form of Vitamin C. 

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Your 40s 

As women reach their 40s, skin becomes thinner and collagen breaks down, resulting in a loss of volume and oils that hydrate the skin. “Skincare needs to be ramped up during this period,” Dr Tara says, “which will promote collagen and elastin, the proteins that plump the skin. 

“Products need to be packed with anti-oxidants, peptides and vitamins,” she says. “Anti-oxidant peptide serums will boost collagen and encourage cell turnover to renew the skin. Injectable therapies using Profhilo® will help with this,” she adds. 

Natural production of hyaluronic acid in our 40s is half of what it is in our 20s, and so hyaluronic acid is still crucial at this point, holding 1,000 times its weight in water. 

Dr Tara advises to avoid abrasive scrubs as the skin is more sensitive, and instead, transition to using chemical exfoliation that peels the skin more gently. 

The Skin Clinic Company offer treatments like 'Juvederm Volite' and 'Profhilo' to treat sagging of the skin.

The Skin Clinic Company offer treatments like 'Juvederm Volite' and 'Profhilo' to treat sagging of the skin as it loses it's firmness. - Credit: The Skin Clinic Company

Your 50s 

“What we see as adults enter their 50s, is a huge hormonal shift which can trigger noticeable changes in the skin. The production of lipids declines, which tighten the skin,” Dr Tara explains. 

“Make sure to use a gentle hydrating cleanser twice daily, apply SPF in the morning, including on your lips, and incorporate a retinol at night.” If the retinol irritates the skin, Dr Tara says to mix it into your moisturiser so it feels gentler. 

Your 60s 

“Gravity will mean that changes are evident in the neck as well as the face,” Dr Tara says. “Skin rejuvenation techniques using products such as Juvederm Volite® and Profhilo® are ideal for combatting this,” she adds. 

Use a rich moisturiser to plump the skin from within, and as the skin is now very sensitive, Dr Tara says to avoid using perfumed products. 

If you’re struggling with sun spots, Dr Tara has creams she can prescribe which can diminish these within weeks. 

Make sure you use a brightening and hydrating serum as well as a rich eye cream. “Eye creams are really useful,” she says, “and if you’re in the market for one, I’d highly recommend the Obagi Complex Eye Serum, which has an amazing rollerball that increases lymphatic drainage to reduce inflammation and swelling.” 

The Skin Clinic Company can help revive your skin through regular treatments and by maintaining a consistent skincare routine

It's important to get regular treatments for your skin to maintain a healthy, glowing complexion. - Credit: The Skin Clinic Company

Your 70s and onwards 

“Loss of elasticity can still be addressed in your 70s with rich night and eye creams,” Dr Tara explains, “but it is worth simplifying your routine whilst still wearing SPF daily.” 

Dr Tara suggests still using a serum containing retinol, but with a lower percentage. “I’d also advise against harsh treatments, as the skin may be more sensitive and prone to reactions due to the loss of the protective lipid layer,” she says. 

Whatever age you’re at, skincare is an essential to maintain a glowing and healthy appearance. 

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