What to wear this summer

Catwalk at Royal Victoria Place, Tunbridge Wells

Catwalk at Royal Victoria Place, Tunbridge Wells - Credit: Archant

Whether you’re jetting off overseas or heading for an award-winning Kent beach, we’ll help make sure your summer packing is a breeze

Fashion stylist Paula Fry says …

I once took 14 bikinis, eight pairs of flip flops (obviously brightly coloured and jewelled) and 10 evening outfits on a two-week holiday to the Med. I shudder to think how heavy my suitcase was or how long it took me to put those outfits together before I packed.

If I’m honest this was me suffering from over consumption (we’ve all done it) and buying far too many ‘holiday clothes’ when I only went away for two or three weeks in the whole year to wear those items. Many of which I would never wear here!

So I wanted to remind those lucky gals that are leaving us for sunnier climes, how to get the most out of your holiday wardrobe without visiting the excess baggage area or indeed the laundrette while you are away.

? Double up at the very least. Each item you are packing needs to be worn at least on two occasions. Wear your kaftan tops for dinner with white trousers or tailored shorts and then use them to hit breakfast and the beach the next day. Same goes for all your evening wear - unless it’s structured or you’re going on a cruise!

? It may sound boring but if you try to keep to colours that work together tonally, you will be able to mix and match the whole time you’re away. Think white, nude, navy and black adding the odd splash of colour with your shoes and accessories.

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? Take a bright beach bag as your hand luggage and use a large zipped clutch inside it to keep your important bits. This clutch can come out with you at night while you’re away. I’m currently loving my monochrome stripe one from Accessorise that can be folded up and is super spacious. Kitch in Tunbridge Wells has some fabulous straw beach bags with cheeky slogans on the front if you are looking for something different.

? If you want to keep your shoe baggage to a minimum, there are just two styles you need to keep in mind. The Gladiator sandal is back with a bang, but with a more structured look this season and a higher wrap around the leg rather than just the ankle. Take a look at Ash for their gold ones - available at the Clever Dresser in Sevenoaks. Boden and Office show us that ballet flats don’t need to be boring this season with their tassel straps ties.

Don’t forget my straw donkey...